Experts say buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tradecurve in May

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With just one week left of May, cryp­to investors are try­ing to opti­mize their port­fo­lios for the next month. Although much of the mar­ket remains tur­bu­lent, experts believe Bit­coin, Ethereum, and Trade­curve will con­tin­ue to lead the mar­ket, with Trade­curve already sell­ing over 60% of its sec­ond pre­sale round. 


Ethereum Pushes Towards $2k After Late Month Recovery 

Ethereum’s recent upgrade has made the project more pop­u­lar than ever. More indi­vid­u­als staked Ethereum at the end of April than the entire­ty of March, which was a huge mile­stone for the project. Now one month lat­er Ethereum’s pop­u­lar­i­ty con­tin­ues to rise, with $6.7 bil­lion worth of Ethereum trans­ac­tions tak­ing place daily. 

Ear­ly in May, Ethereum surged to over $2k before declin­ing to $1,748. How­ev­er, Ethereum is back on the rise with a 2.18% price increase in the last week. At the time of writ­ing, Ethereum was trad­ing at $1,853, with experts pre­dict­ing it to hit $2k by the end of the month. 

With the Ethereum ecosys­tem grow­ing faster than ever, ana­lysts pre­dict that Ethereum could surge above $2k in June, with bull­ish experts pre­dict­ing that Ethereum could hit $2.3k by the end of Q2. 


Bitcoin Up Following Debt Crisis Updates 

Fol­low­ing news that the Biden admin­is­tra­tion had solved the debt cri­sis, Bit­coin increased by 1.54%, with one Bit­coin trad­ing at $27,325 at the time of writ­ing. This increase marks a rise of 1.26% in the last sev­en days, though Bit­coin remains below the $28k barrier. 

Despite the price of Bit­coin remain­ing stag­nant for the past month, Bit­coins dai­ly trad­ing vol­ume remains extreme­ly high, aver­ag­ing over $13 bil­lion a day. With an influx of new investors and Bit­coin ordi­nals start­ing to gain trac­tion, ana­lysts are con­fi­dent that Bit­coin will begin to ral­ly by the end of May. 

While price pre­dic­tions vary, most ana­lysts are con­fi­dent that Bit­coin will rise above $30k in the next month, which would like­ly trig­ger a mar­ket wide ral­ly, dri­ving up the val­ue of Ethereum and Trade­curve in the process. 


Analysts Believe Tradecurve Could Be The Next Big Exchange 

While Ethereum and Bit­coin are expect­ed to increase between 5 to 10%, Trade­curve is expect­ed to increase 50x dur­ing its pre­sale, hav­ing already risen by 20% after its first pre­sale round sold out. 

Tradecurve’s devel­op­ment was inspired by recent devel­op­ments in the cryp­to mar­ket and in par­tic­u­lar, grow­ing uncer­tain­ty regard­ing the trans­paren­cy of cen­tral­ized exchanges. The devel­op­ment team noticed that while decen­tral­ized alter­na­tives are avail­able, these too have flaws with lim­it­ed assets and a high lev­el of complexity. 

Trade­curve offers a hybrid exchange that com­bines the ben­e­fits of both decen­tral­ized and cen­tral­ized alter­na­tives while also remov­ing their dis­ad­van­tages. Using Trade­curve, investors can buy cryp­to and tra­di­tion­al assets anony­mous­ly, with­out ever need­ing to pass KYC checks. 

Instead, the plat­form works like decen­tral­ized exchanges where investors can con­nect their exter­nal wal­lets, buy assets and dis­con­nect. Fur­ther­more, Trade­curve also resolves the com­plex­i­ty of decen­tral­ized exchanges with its meta­verse trad­ing acad­e­my where investors can learn how to trade and use the Trade­curve platform. 

More advanced traders will also have the chance to build on their edu­ca­tion with AI and auto­mat­ed trad­ing sub­scrip­tions as well as a copy trad­ing sub­scrip­tion, where traders can learn direct­ly from the market’s best traders. 

Trade­curve tokens, which will play an impor­tant role in the project’s ecosys­tem, are cur­rent­ly sell­ing for $0.012 per token dur­ing the project’s pre­sale. With less than 40% of its round 2 sup­ply left, TCRV tokens are expect­ed to increase to $0.015 by the end of the month, offer­ing a 50% ROI for bull­ish investors. 

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