Experts say buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tradecurve in May


With just one week left of May, crypto investors are trying to optimize their portfolios for the next month. Although much of the market remains turbulent, experts believe Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tradecurve will continue to lead the market, with Tradecurve already selling over 60% of its second presale round. 


Ethereum Pushes Towards $2k After Late Month Recovery 

Ethereum’s recent upgrade has made the project more popular than ever. More individuals staked Ethereum at the end of April than the entirety of March, which was a huge milestone for the project. Now one month later Ethereum’s popularity continues to rise, with $6.7 billion worth of Ethereum transactions taking place daily. 

Early in May, Ethereum surged to over $2k before declining to $1,748. However, Ethereum is back on the rise with a 2.18% price increase in the last week. At the time of writing, Ethereum was trading at $1,853, with experts predicting it to hit $2k by the end of the month. 

With the Ethereum ecosystem growing faster than ever, analysts predict that Ethereum could surge above $2k in June, with bullish experts predicting that Ethereum could hit $2.3k by the end of Q2. 


Bitcoin Up Following Debt Crisis Updates 

Following news that the Biden administration had solved the debt crisis, Bitcoin increased by 1.54%, with one Bitcoin trading at $27,325 at the time of writing. This increase marks a rise of 1.26% in the last seven days, though Bitcoin remains below the $28k barrier. 

Despite the price of Bitcoin remaining stagnant for the past month, Bitcoins daily trading volume remains extremely high, averaging over $13 billion a day. With an influx of new investors and Bitcoin ordinals starting to gain traction, analysts are confident that Bitcoin will begin to rally by the end of May. 

While price predictions vary, most analysts are confident that Bitcoin will rise above $30k in the next month, which would likely trigger a market wide rally, driving up the value of Ethereum and Tradecurve in the process. 


Analysts Believe Tradecurve Could Be The Next Big Exchange 

While Ethereum and Bitcoin are expected to increase between 5 to 10%, Tradecurve is expected to increase 50x during its presale, having already risen by 20% after its first presale round sold out. 

Tradecurve’s development was inspired by recent developments in the crypto market and in particular, growing uncertainty regarding the transparency of centralized exchanges. The development team noticed that while decentralized alternatives are available, these too have flaws with limited assets and a high level of complexity. 

Tradecurve offers a hybrid exchange that combines the benefits of both decentralized and centralized alternatives while also removing their disadvantages. Using Tradecurve, investors can buy crypto and traditional assets anonymously, without ever needing to pass KYC checks. 

Instead, the platform works like decentralized exchanges where investors can connect their external wallets, buy assets and disconnect. Furthermore, Tradecurve also resolves the complexity of decentralized exchanges with its metaverse trading academy where investors can learn how to trade and use the Tradecurve platform. 

More advanced traders will also have the chance to build on their education with AI and automated trading subscriptions as well as a copy trading subscription, where traders can learn directly from the market’s best traders. 

Tradecurve tokens, which will play an important role in the project’s ecosystem, are currently selling for $0.012 per token during the project’s presale. With less than 40% of its round 2 supply left, TCRV tokens are expected to increase to $0.015 by the end of the month, offering a 50% ROI for bullish investors.  

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