Ode To Bitcoin, Virtuous And Fair

Bitcoin è Galant-Vomo: Bitcoin Is A Man Of Honor 

The first thing to ask about Bitcoin is what it is, rather than what it is worth. Determining its value is as simple as dividing the amount you want by 21 million, with that number being closer to infinity if you value decentralization, transparency, privacy, security, innovation, inclusion, and financial freedom, but closer to zero if you are happy with centralization, poverty, censorship, banking, and indiscriminate printing of paper money.

Bitcoin is essentially a force, as is everything that nature produces. That is, Bitcoin is a new force, a first movement, a wheel that turns by itself and with an eternal cadence.It seeks, above all, three things: immutability as something honest, freedom as something necessary, and transparency as something good. It is a spinning wheel that works without the need of a spinner; a horse that gallops by itself, and whose impetus it is impossible to restrain. It is a hydra whose head has survived a thousand attempts at being removed, yet which, because it has many, or because it has none, continues to terrify those who have not taken the time to study it in order to understand it. Bitcoin is the first historical way to defend oneself from the excessive ambition of the powerful; it is the mathematical protocol which gave origin to the only completely decentralized monetary system, which for that very reason many banks, confessors and governments take it for the devil himself.

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