Cyber City Launches Partnership Clans with Top NFT Platforms

Cyber City Launches Partnership Clans with Top NFT Platforms
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Cyber City’s Genesis Wave NFT Drops will feature partner clans such as Polygon, NFTb, HyperJump among others.

Cyber City is proud to announce that it has sealed awesome partnerships with 10 NFT and DeFi platforms that will showcase its first series of NFTs called The Genesis Wave. Each partner clan will have 1,000 NFT boxes to drop on their respective communities.

So what’s inside each NFT box?

Each batch of 1,000 Genesis Wave boxes will carry a partner clan’s branding, identity, and motifs. For instance, once we launch the drop for the NFTb clan, the boxes will carry its branding and a few NFT items will also carry NFTb’s identity. It will enable Cyber City to build and increase loyalty from an NFT-centric audience.

The Genesis Wave clan drops will start on the 20th of October until 19th November. There will be one clan drop per week, and Cyber City will have an AMA event with each partner clan’s community to promote Genesis Wave drops. So be sure to follow our social channels to stay updated!

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