Top Altcoins Poised For 50%-100% This Week

The cryptocurrency market experienced its first week of decline in some time, with the significant investments previously seen in Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) reversing into withdrawals this week. The market trends have plunged the BTC price toward $60K, while altcoins continued to shine. This has triggered hopes for a 50%-100% surge for several altcoins this week.

Investors Remain Focused On Bitcoin

Despite Bitcoin experiencing a downward trend last week, altcoins managed to maintain their value with minimal losses. Nonetheless, as Bitcoin’s price fell, altcoins did not continue to rise in dominance, leading to a drop in the altcoin season index to 45, marking a four-month low. 

While this decrease may lower the likelihood of an upcoming altcoin season, new altcoins are still expected to hold a dominant position, aiming for a significant increase of at least 50%-100% this week.

ONDO: ONDO price has been skyrocketing these days due to Blackrock’s recent announcement. The recent application by BlackRock to establish the BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund has created a bullish crypto market. Its collaboration with Securitize, a company that focuses on tokenization, indicates a possible focus on real-world assets (RWAs), which aligns with the primary services of Ondo Finance. This development has triggered intense buying, leading to a 60% surge in the value of ONDO. As a result, we might see further surges in ONDO price this week, potentially touching the $1 mark.

Toncoin: In the face of the ongoing market correction, Toncoin showed a solid rebound over the week, with its price climbing from $3.3 to $5.3. This impressive nearly 50% increase surpassed the previous resistance at $4.6, offering investors hopes for another 50% this week.

Polymesh: Following BlackRock’s entry into the real-world asset (RWA) sector, Polymesh (POLYX), a blockchain platform for trading tokenized assets, experienced a significant surge, with its price increasing by 90% last week. This development has led to an uptick in the value of crypto tokens within the RWA sector, creating possibilities of a break above $0.7.

Fantom: Though FTM price is now facing rejections above the EMA20 trend line, it has recorded nearly a 50% surge this week. If the price takes support around $1 mark, we might see its price heading toward the $2 mark in the coming week.

Stacks: Prices of Stacks (STX) have soared by over 34% in a week, hitting a record peak of $3.65 before experiencing a slight decline. The surge in value was triggered by the green light given to a significant update to the Stacks protocol, named Nakamoto. As the momentum now favors buyers, we might see a breakout above the previous ATH.

Book Of Meme: Book of Meme (BOME), a fresh meme coin within the Solana network, has captured significant interest due to its remarkable price increase. The coin has seen a massive rise in open interest, with its value skyrocketing by over 1300% in just one month. Despite a recent price drop, there’s potential for a rebound in BOME’s price this week, especially if it meets buyers’ demand following positive developments.

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