Avalanche primary blockchain halts, developers investigate

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Avalanche’s C‑Chain stopped pro­duc­ing blocks at around 6:30 am ET Fri­day, the cause of which is cur­rent­ly under investigation.

Most trans­ac­tions on the net­work take place on the C‑Chain, how­ev­er some sub­nets are report­ed­ly unaffected.

In an X post, Ava Labs co-founder Kevin Sekniqi attrib­uted the like­ly cause to “a gos­sip-relat­ed mem­pool man­age­ment bug, which is pure­ly a code-relat­ed bug, and not an issue with per­for­mance han­dling,” mean­ing the out­age was not relat­ed to a spike in usage of the network.

The cur­rent work­ing the­o­ry is that it is an “edge case” relat­ed to inscriptions.

Accord­ing to Avalanche’s net­work sta­tus page, “Devel­op­ers across the com­mu­ni­ty are cur­rent­ly investigating.”

Avalanche val­ida­tor oper­a­tors have been in the process of upgrad­ing their node soft­ware to a new ver­sion that would bring a major upgrade called Duran­go online.

The upgrade is expect­ed to acti­vate on March 6, 2024, and as of now, rough­ly 17% of the 1,838 net­work val­ida­tors are already run­ning the new client pro­duc­tion code ver­sion 1.11.0, accord­ing to data provider snowpeer.io.

That release of AvalancheGo was pub­lished on Wednes­day, but it is not thought to be the cause, accord­ing to Sekniqi.

“I do not think it is relat­ed to v1.11, it just seems to have hit an edge case in mem­pool pro­cess­ing,” Sekniqi told Block­works. “The bug hit [a] major­i­ty of nodes, it seems.”

A fix is cur­rent­ly under­go­ing test­ing, he said.

The out­age bears resem­blance to one that knocked Solana offline ear­li­er this month.

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In that instance, a soft­ware patch fol­lowed by a coor­di­nat­ed restart was required before ser­vice was restored sev­er­al hours later.

Accord­ing to com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er Lean­dro Matos on the Avalanche Dis­cord, the out­age is unusu­al. “The chain only had one minor out­age since 2020 which last­ed a few min­utes,” he said.

This is a devel­op­ing sto­ry, and will be updated.

Updat­ed Feb. 23, 2024 at 8:38 and 9:24 am ET with addi­tion­al context.

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