Crypto advocate John Deaton launches campaign to unseat Elizabeth Warren in US Senate

Pro-crypto advocate John Deaton has launched his official campaign to unseat Elizabeth Warren in the US Senate.

In a Feb. 20 post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Deaton revealed that he wants “the opportunity to fight for change, and for the people of Massachusetts in the United States Senate.”

Deaton’s campaign’s website and Facebook page have gone live as of press time. The move pits him directly against the long-serving Democrat Senator Warren, a prominent figure in the anti-crypto faction within Congress.

According to Deaton:

“Washington, D.C. is broken, and in more than a decade in office. Elizabeth Warren has done nothing to fix it – in fact, she’s become a big part of the problem.”

In a video shared on X, Deaton recounted his upbringing in poverty and emphasized his resilience in overcoming adversity—a quality he pledges to bring to Washington to serve his constituents.

Meanwhile, recent reports revealed that Warren has been seeking donations to prepare for an unnamed challenger who is a “big cheerleader for crypto interest.”

Crypto community supports Deaton

Deaton’s announcement has garnered widespread backing from several crypto stakeholders, with many offering crypto donations and urging the ousting of Senator Warren.

Crypto investor Scott Melker said.

“Elizabeth Warren’s time is finished. This is our chance to be rid of the anti-crypto army, negative influence in the White House and at the SEC.”

Deaton’s reputation as a staunch advocate for the crypto industry, particularly evident in his involvement in the SEC v Ripple case and the establishment of CryptoLaw US, has solidified his standing within the community over the years.

The pro-crypto lawyer has repeatedly criticized the SEC’s enforcement-centric approach against major crypto companies like Binance and Coinbase.

While Deaton’s candidacy is fueled by his genuine advocacy for crypto-friendly policies, it also reflects the broader discontent within the crypto industry towards figures like Warren, who are perceived as hostile to its interests.

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