Magic Square Launches Engage-To-Earn Campaign With $750K Prize Pool

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Web3 app store Mag­ic Square has announced a new user rewards pro­gram with one of its largest prize pools to date. 1.5 mil­lion $SQR tokens, worth over $750,000, have been allo­cat­ed for the pro­gram which is set to go live today, Feb­ru­ary 12.

Com­mu­ni­ty engage­ment plat­form Zealy will host and coor­di­nate the cam­paign, ensur­ing a slick and seam­less expe­ri­ence for all par­tic­i­pants. To qual­i­fy for the cam­paign and be eli­gi­ble for rewards, par­tic­i­pants are required to sign up as Mag­ic Store Mem­bers and main­tain active engage­ment with­in the store. In addi­tion to the Cam­paign Prize Pool, there will be a dai­ly 10,000 $SQR Reward Pool that is dis­trib­uted to users based on the amount of Kar­ma they col­lect­ed on that day, com­pared to oth­er users.

The 1.5M $SQR prize pool will be allo­cat­ed based on a points sys­tem, direct­ly cor­re­lat­ed to each participant’s lev­el of involve­ment. The cam­paign has been care­ful­ly devised in this man­ner to ensure a fair and trans­par­ent reward mech­a­nism. A sophis­ti­cat­ed anti-bot solu­tion is in place to ensure that only gen­uine users are rewarded.

Andrey Nay­man, Co-Founder and CEO of Mag­ic Square said: “Launch­ing this cam­paign is more than just reward­ing our com­mu­ni­ty; it’s about set­ting a new stan­dard for engage­ment and invest­ment in the web3 space. We’ve designed this ini­tia­tive to not only ben­e­fit our active mem­bers but also to strate­gi­cal­ly enhance the val­ue propo­si­tion for our token investors.”

“By increas­ing mem­ber­ship and lock­ing tokens out of cir­cu­la­tion, we’re direct­ly influ­enc­ing the sup­ply-demand dynam­ics, aim­ing to pos­i­tive­ly impact the $SQR token. This cam­paign embod­ies our com­mit­ment to inno­va­tion, com­mu­ni­ty growth, and the sus­tained suc­cess of Mag­ic Square and its stakeholders.”

The Mag­ic Square rewards pro­gram will help to fos­ter high­ly moti­vat­ed and incen­tivized com­mu­ni­ties who col­lab­o­rate to achieve shared goals. Par­tic­i­pants are required to be active on the Mag­ic Store Wev3 App Store, engage with the projects list­ed, and make valu­able con­tri­bu­tions. To take part in the cam­paign, users must obtain a Pre­mi­um or Pre­mi­um Plus Mem­ber­ship, which requires lock­ing 200 and 500 $SQR tokens respec­tive­ly. Tokens can lat­er be unlocked where­upon the user will return to Free Mem­ber sta­tus. Pre­mi­um and Pre­mi­um Plus mem­bers will be eli­gi­ble to earn addi­tion­al cam­paign points every day.

Designed with the goal of mak­ing web3 acces­si­ble to main­stream audi­ences, the Binance Labs-backed Mag­ic Square pro­vides a jump­ing-off point for a world of games and appli­ca­tions. The $SQR token plays a piv­otal role in reward­ing user behav­ior that strength­ens the Mag­ic Square ecosys­tem and the range of curat­ed web3 apps it features.

The $750,000 cam­paign high­lights Mag­ic Square’s inno­v­a­tive approach to com­mu­ni­ty engage­ment and reward mech­a­nisms, estab­lish­ing new bench­marks with­in the industry.

More excit­ing announce­ments from Mag­ic Square will be released this week.

About Mag­ic Square

Mag­ic Square is the gate­way to web3. It pro­vides a uni­ver­sal plat­form for users to engage and earn rewards with DeFi, NFTs, Game­Fi, and much more. Backed by Binance Labs and oth­er top-tier investors, Mag­ic Square aims to trans­form the way the world inter­acts with decen­tralised appli­ca­tions and dis­cov­ers the best of web3.

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