Shiba Inu’s Shytoshi Kusama Teases Major Game-Changing Announcement

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The pseu­do­ny­mous leader of the Shi­ba Inu devel­op­ment team has set the com­mu­ni­ty abuzz with his recent pub­lic mes­sage about an upcom­ing “game-chang­ing announcement.”

Besides, Shy­toshi Kusama has recent­ly slammed the idea of start­ing BONE burns as an addi­tion to burn­ing Shi­ba Inu coins.

Kusama thanks SHIB army, promises major announcement

Tak­ing to the “Shibar­i­um Tech” chan­nel on Telegram, Shy­toshi Kusama expressed his deep grat­i­tude to the Shi­ba Inu com­mu­ni­ty. He did not spec­i­fy what he was thank­ing them for, but from the whole con­text of the talk, it was like­ly that the grat­i­tude was for sup­port pro­vid­ed to the SHIB team and patience.

Shytoshi Kusama thanks SHIB army
Image via Telegram “Shibar­i­um Tech”

Offi­cial Shi­ba Inu team’s mar­ket­ing expert Lucie also pub­lished a screen­shot from Kusama. In it, the charis­mat­ic SHIB leader said that he has a “game-chang­ing announce­ment” to make soon, and he will be very upset if the com­mu­ni­ty begins to FUD it (“FUD” stands for “fear, uncer­tain­ty, doubt”).

In the mean­time, the Shibar­i­um­scan explor­er has shown that the Layer‑2 blockchain Shibar­i­um has sur­passed a new impres­sive mile­stone of 66,000,000 trans­ac­tions, with the dai­ly count stand­ing at 7.89 mil­lion at the time of this writing.

The over­all num­ber of wal­lets con­nect­ed to Shibar­i­um has surged too, now com­pris­ing 1,301,308. The total num­ber of mined blocks now con­sti­tutes 2,024,322.

Kusama slams BONE burn idea

Kusama took to the Twitter/X plat­form to respond to a tweet by a Shibar­i­um user, in which the lat­ter sug­gest­ed that the SHIB com­mu­ni­ty burns not only Shi­ba Inu coins but also begins to remove BONE from the cir­cu­lat­ing supply.

The sug­ges­tion came as the trans­ac­tion fees on Shibar­i­um totalled 1,351,496 BONE worth $1,212,940 in fiat. The user sug­gest­ed con­vert­ing this huge BONE chunk only part­ly to burn SHIB and using the rest to burn these BONE tokens directly.

Kusama stepped in to say his final word. “No. Burn Shib. Peri­od,” he tweet­ed, throw­ing cold water on this eager BONE burn enthusiast.

Anoth­er X user began ques­tion­ing Kusama about when these SHIB burns will begin hav­ing any notable effect on the SHIB price. The user point­ed out that “now burn fee dras­ti­cal­ly drop around 0.00002 fee.” The user asked for clar­i­ty for the whole SHIB com­mu­ni­ty, stat­ing that this whole sit­u­a­tion does not make Shibar­i­um seem as a com­mu­ni­ty-dri­ven project.

In response, Kusama just post­ed a “melt­ing face” emoji.

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