IBM says it will hit a quantum computing ‘inflection point’ by 2029

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IBM announced the unveil­ing of its 1,121-qubit “Con­dor” quan­tum com­put­ing proces­sor on Dec. 4th. This is the company’s largest by qubit count and, arguably, the world’s most advanced gate-based, super­con­duct­ing, quan­tum system.

Along­side the new chip, IBM deliv­ered an updat­ed roadmap and a trove of infor­ma­tion on the company’s planned endeav­ors in the quan­tum com­put­ing space. 

The Condor quantum processor

The 1,121-qubit proces­sor rep­re­sents the apex of IBM’s pre­vi­ous roadmap. It’s pre­ced­ed by 2022’s 433-qubit “Osprey” proces­sor and by 2021’s 127-qubit “Eagle” processor.

In quan­tum com­put­ing terms, qubit count isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly a mea­sure of pow­er or capa­bil­i­ty so much as it is poten­tial. While more qubits should the­o­ret­i­cal­ly lead to more capa­ble sys­tems even­tu­al­ly, the industry’s cur­rent focus is on error-cor­rec­tion and fault tolerance.

Cur­rent­ly, IBM con­sid­ers its exper­i­ments with 100-qubit sys­tems to be the sta­tus quo, with much of the cur­rent work focused on increas­ing the num­ber of quan­tum gates proces­sors can func­tion with.

“For the first time,” writes IBM fel­low and vice pres­i­dent of quan­tum com­put­ing Jay Gam­bet­ta, in a recent blog post, “we have hard­ware and soft­ware capa­ble of exe­cut­ing quan­tum cir­cuits with no known a pri­ori answer at a scale of 100 qubits and 3,000 gates.”

2029: A quantum inflection point

Gates, like qubits, are a poten­tial mea­sure of the use­ful­ness of a quan­tum sys­tem. The more gates a proces­sor can imple­ment, the more com­plex func­tions can be per­formed by the sys­tem. Accord­ing to IBM, at the 3,000 gates scale, its 100-qubit quan­tum sys­tems are now com­pu­ta­tion­al tools.

The next major “inflec­tion point,” per the blog post, will occur in 2029 when IB will exe­cute “100 mil­lion gates over 200 qubits” with a proces­sor it’s call­ing “Star­ling.”

“This is fol­lowed,” writes Gam­bet­ta, “by Blue Jay, a sys­tem capa­ble of exe­cut­ing 1 bil­lion gates across 2,000 qubits by 2033.”

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