How to prepare for the next crypto bull market: 5 simple steps

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The next bull mar­ket could kick off as soon as next year, pro­pelled by cat­a­lysts such as the upcom­ing Bit­coin (BTC) halv­ing and poten­tial approval of a spot Bit­coin ETF in the Unit­ed States. 

In our lat­est Coin­telegrph Report, we explain how to pre­pare for the next par­a­bol­ic move in five sim­ple steps. 

First, it’s impor­tant to under­stand the Bit­coin mar­ket cycle the­o­ry, which states that cryp­to bull mar­kets hap­pen rough­ly every four years fol­low­ing Bit­coin halv­ing events, when the sup­ply of new BTC gets cut in half. 

Accord­ing to pro­fes­sion­al trad­er Eric Crown, we are still in a pre-halv­ing ral­ly, which will prob­a­bly exhaust itself in the low $40,000 for Bit­coin. The biggest price moves, he says, will like­ly hap­pen in the months fol­low­ing the Bit­coin halving. 

“Then we spend the rest of the next, I’d say 3 to 6 months play­ing out a side­ways and down­side move,” he predicts. 

As a sec­ond step, we need to pick our cryp­to port­fo­lio. Accord­ing to Crown, Bit­coin and Ether (ETH) should be the back­bone of a bal­anced cryp­to port­fo­lio since they are the safest, most bat­tle-test­ed cryptos. 

“I would do prob­a­bly 70% to 80% Bit­coin, 10% to 15% Ethereum, and then the rest could kind of gam­ble on alt­coins,” Crown points out. 

To learn about the oth­er steps to pre­pare for the next cryp­to bull mar­ket, check out the full video on our chan­nel and don’t for­get to subscribe! 

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