SHIB Team Puzzles Shiba Inu Army With Cryptic Tweet

The official account of the Shiba Inu team on the X social media app has published a cryptic tweet, teasing the SHIB community and offering to solve a “riddle” related to the cover of the second Shib Magazine edition.

Here’s mysterious tweet and riddle

The tweet was a poem of four lines, speaking about “a champ concealed” and legends swaying on the “cover of edition two”. The riddle is – “who will grace the cover of the second edition?” The SHIB team also provided a hint – “they’re a renowned athlete!”

This tweet cites a tweet published on Sunday, in which the SHIB team made an announcement that they are giving away 3,000 NFTs of the Thi Shib Magazine’s second edition (about to come out soon) to the SHIB community.

When the magazine was launched earlier this week and the first edition got released, the team of the popular meme coin SHIB organized a giveaway of NFTs to the first 1,000 readers who registered on the project’s website. Those NFTs represented the variants of the first edition’s cover.

The magazine will offer readers regular news on recent inventions in the crypto sphere, updates within the SHIB ecosystem and the Layer-2 network Shibarium, as well as innovations and insights.

Shytoshi Kusama says SHIB is ready for bull market, announces new plans

At the end of October, as reported by U.Today, the mysterious leader of the SHIB developer team, Shytoshi Kusama, left the “quiet mode” and stated that he is going to focus on multiple projects that are building on Shibarium now, as well as on Shibarium itself.

He stated that he had been talking to “very important individuals” about the next phase of Shibarium. Since then, the SHIB team together with the Bad Idea AI project have integrated an AI bot operating in the “Shibarium Tech” channel, where SHIB users can directly communicate with Shytoshi, admins and some of SHIB developers.

This weekend, Kusama stated that he and the team have been negotiating with their “new friends”, discussing the integration of Shibarium with centralized exchanges (CEXes).

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