Four RWA lending protocols rank among top 10 lending apps with largest collected interest 

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Four Real-World Asset (RWA) lend­ing pro­to­cols ranked among the top ten Defi lend­ing pro­to­cols that col­lect the largest sum of 180-day cumu­la­tive inter­est fees paid by users, accord­ing to cryp­to influ­encer Defilgnas’ recent analysis.

True­Fi (TRU), Maple Finance, Goldfinch (GFI), and Cen­trifuge (CFG) are ranked third, fourth, sev­enth, and tenth, respec­tive­ly, accord­ing to @Defilgnas.

Top 10 DeFi lending protocols by daily cumulative fees
Top 10 Defi lend­ing pro­to­cols by cumu­la­tive dai­ly fees

As of Jan. 24, True­Fi owns the third-largest incre­men­tal inter­est fees col­lect­ed in the past 180 days with $12.1 mil­lion. Maple Finance fol­lows True­Fi as a close fourth with $11.7 mil­lion. Goldfinch and Cen­trifuge also make it into the top ten with $5.6 mil­lion and $3.2 mil­lion, respectively.

In addi­tion, Mak­er­DAO, which ranks sixth on the list with $6.6 mil­lion, is also gen­er­at­ing 57% of its total rev­enue from RWAs.

Active loans worth $326M

The cumu­la­tive val­ue of the active loans of these four RWA pro­to­cols also adds up to $326 mil­lion, accord­ing to data.

Active loans value by Protocol
Active loans val­ue by Protocol

The chart includes Clear­pool, Rib­bon Lend, and Cred­it, in addi­tion to True­Fi, Maple Finance, Goldfinch, and Cen­trifuge. Alto­geth­er, the total val­ue of active loans giv­en by these nine pro­to­cols sits at $361 million.

True­Fi, Maple Finance, Goldfinch, and Cen­trifuge account for 90.3% of this sum, with a col­lec­tive amount of $326 million.

Maple Finance con­tributes the most con­sid­er­able bulk to this with $127 mil­lion worth of active loans. Goldfinch, Cen­trifuge, and True­Fi also add $103 mil­lion, $77 mil­lion, and $19 mil­lion, respectively.

The chart above doesn’t include Mak­er Dao’s active RWA loans, which stand at around $620 million.

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