Games For A Living Partners EnjinStarter in $100K IDO Agreement

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Games For A Liv­ing (G4AL), a Web3 game stu­dio, has announced that it has signed an Ini­tial Dex Offer­ing (IDO) agree­ment with cryp­to project launch­pad, Enjin­Starter. The partnership’s pri­ma­ry goal is to expand access to high-cal­iber Web3 games for as many peo­ple as possible.

The Games For A Living mission

The IDO agree­ment between the two com­pa­nies is worth $100,000. The two groups are work­ing togeth­er to spread the word all the great fea­tures that G4AL has to offer, so that game mak­ers can eas­i­ly migrate their projects to the G4AL blockchain. Not only will Enjin­Starter col­lab­o­rate close­ly with G4AL teams, but also with all the games that fall under G4AL wings. This could cer­tain­ly have a mul­ti­pli­er effect on the per­for­mance of the stu­dio as a whole.

As an IDO part­ner, Enjin­Starter will assist G4AL in prepar­ing for the launch of its first game on 20-Feb-2023. In addi­tion, they’ll be work­ing togeth­er to pro­mote the Play-to-Earn (P2E) release of Ele­men­tal Raiders, which is already avail­able for free on Steam.

In addi­tion to being a Web3 game stu­dio, Games For A Liv­ing is also a per­mis­sioned Lay­er 1 blockchain infra­struc­ture built to serve the needs of gamers and devel­op­ers. The first game to run on the G4AL blockchain is called Ele­men­tal Raiders, and it is a free-to-play strat­e­gy RPG game with P2E features.

On the oth­er hand, Enjin­Starter is a plat­form built on Jump­Net that pri­or­i­tizes Game­Fi, NFTs and music. Focus­ing on plug-and-play devel­op­ment mod­els inte­grat­ed into game engines to stream­line the devel­op­ment process of game stu­dios, it is cre­at­ing a suite of ser­vices and capa­bil­i­ties for blockchain-based games. 

Enjin­Starter is cur­rent­ly focussing on blockchain, NFTs and the meta­verse. They have their own coin ($EJS) and want to help Enjin, and Effin­i­ty blockchain expand and improve. On the oth­er hand, the G4AL goal is to lever­age the tal­ents of Web3 gam­ing indus­try design­ers and devel­op­ers to devel­op new com­mu­ni­ties, games, and oth­er relat­ed content.

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