Meta Masters Guild Crypto Presale Raises $200k – Only 5 Days Left to Benefit From 42% Price Hike

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Meta Kart - Meta Masters Guild

The lat­est play-to-earn games plat­form, Meta Mas­ters Guild, has raised $200,000 from eager investors just four days after its pre­sale began.

The project styles itself a guild and its mis­sion is to become the go-to ecosys­tem for mobile-cen­tric play to earn games.

Inter­est in cryp­to gam­ing con­tin­ues to grow as the decen­tral­iz­ing pow­er of the tech­nol­o­gy is an excel­lent fit for gamers look­ing to take own­er­ship of their in-game assets and game devel­op­ers to mon­e­tize their work.

Ana­lysts pre­dict Meta Mas­ters Guild to be the fastest-grow­ing play-to-earn cryp­tocur­ren­cy this year with 10x potential.

Buy MEMAG today and get 42% price uplift in stage 2 of presale

The $MEMAG coin is in the 1st stage of a sev­en-stage pre­sale. The token can cur­rent­ly be bought for $0.007 before the price jumps when the 1st stage tar­get of $490,000 is reached.

In stage 2 the price is $0.01, which rep­re­sents a 42.8% uplift on the exist­ing stage 1 price. 

There are sev­en stages in the pre­sale alto­geth­er and the hard cap is set at  $4,970,000.

At the cur­rent run rate, MEMAG could enter stage 2 ear­ly next week, so there’s no time to lose to catch the low­est price.

Meta Mas­ters Guild is an ambi­tious project that is look­ing to attract indie game devel­op­ment stu­dios and indie devel­op­ers to its plat­form – Gamearound is the first of those. 

Meta Mas­ters Guild’s first games part­ner is no fly by night. The Gamearound games stu­dio recent­ly devel­oped a game for fash­ion retail­er Boohoo, a com­pa­ny with rev­enues of more than $1 billion.

Patrick Hegar­ty, Meta Mas­ters Guild brand ambas­sador, pro­vides a quick intro­duc­tion to the project in the YouTube video below:

1st game – Meta Kart – by Gamearound is at advanced stage of development

The project has three games in the works, one of which, Meta Kart, is at an advanced  devel­op­ment stage. 

Because Meta Mas­ters Guild is not try­ing to com­pete with AAA games, where games can cost tens of mil­lions of dol­lars to devel­op, the fundraise will pro­vide more than enough resources to real­ize its busi­ness plan..

Meta Mas­ters Guild aims to attract a sub­stan­tial audi­ence for its games among the large and swelling band of casu­al game play­ers found on mobile. Rac­ing games are par­tic­u­lar­ly popular.

To get start­ed with Meta Kart, choose your favorite dri­vers and karts and then bat­tle it out in one of the many fun-packed rac­ing tracks. 

meta masters guild presale

Meta Kart is free to play and incor­po­rates a vari­ety of play-and-earn fea­tures. 

There’s a choice of going solo in arcade mode or test­ing your skills in high-stakes PVP (play­er vs play­er) competitions.

Play­ers use either Gems or MEMAG tokens to buy and upgrade their dri­vers and karts avail­able in the Meta Mas­ters Guild Store. 

You can also play-and-earn in arcade mode to win rare NFTs. Meta Mas­ters Guild NFTs are in-game playable char­ac­ters once pur­chased and are ren­dered in 3D.

Meta Masters Guild has another two games in the works

meta masters guild meta kart

The plat­form has anoth­er two games, both at the con­cept stage. Meta Mas­ters World is a build, explore, and con­quer mobile game cre­at­ed by Gamearound. 

Play­ers can win or pur­chase land and playable char­ac­ters from the NFT Store. 

Meta Mas­ters World will be free to play, but also incor­po­rate a vari­ety of play-and-earn fea­tures, cen­ter­ing around skill-based tasks. 

Play­ers can explore Meta Mas­ters World and com­plete in-game quests to play-and-earn. They can also buy land by choos­ing from an array of build­ing con­struc­tions to help lev­el up their NFTs.

The third game, also at the con­cept stage, is Raid NFT. The team will pro­vide more details at a lat­er date.

Where MEMAG token fits in the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem

All the games on the plat­form use the $MEMAG token, which will be eas­i­ly con­vert­ible with the in-game rewards cur­ren­cy called Gems.

Gems are off-chain assets, which means they do not reside on a blockchain and there­fore are not strict­ly cryp­tocur­ren­cy tokens.

But it is this off-chain fea­ture which means that Meta Mas­ters Guild is a App Store friend­ly prod­uct that can be approved by the Apple and Google app stores.

For those who pre­fer to steer clear of app stores, there will also be a brows­er-based ver­sion of its games.

Meta Masters Guild leaves Axie Infinity and Yield Guild Games behind

Meta Mas­ters Guild is very dif­fer­ent from the likes of Yield Guild Games, which began life as a schol­ar­ship pro­gram for Axie Infin­i­ty.

Meta Mas­ters Guild takes a more sus­tain­able approach by cre­at­ing games that are actu­al­ly fun to play. 

Through this con­cen­tra­tion on game­play engage­ment that means play­ers become invest­ed because of enjoy­ment as opposed to bor­ing game mechan­ics that empha­sizes ‘earn’ over ‘play, Meta Mas­ters Guild will ulti­mate­ly be like­ly to be more successful.

Put suc­cinct­ly Meta Mas­ters Guild wants to dis­place play to earn with  play and earn. In oth­er words its games are all about fun and enjoy­ment, which is why there will be a free-to-play option as well as a P2E.

This approach will mean play­ers who invest their time in play­ing the games they love can real­ize val­ue from their endeav­ors in a way not pos­si­ble with lega­cy games.

Gaming is super popular and profitable

Data from Sta­tista shows that total rev­enue in the rac­ing games seg­ment was $2.68 bil­lion last year.

If Meta Mas­ters Guild is able to take just 1% of those rev­enues, it would be gen­er­at­ing a turnover of $26 million. 

And of course the gam­ing indus­try rep­re­sents a grow­ing pie in which crypto’s influ­ence should help to expand rev­enues and earn­ings – Meta Mas­ters Guild plans to be at the fore­front of that shift.

How­ev­er, the dif­fer­ence with Meta Mas­ters Guild over its lega­cy com­peti­tors like Zyn­ga and oth­ers, is that by design it enables play­ers to take a share of earnings. 

Meta Masters Guild will come to the fore as this bull run gets started, but also thrive in a bear market too 

The mobile gam­ing sec­tor ran up rev­enues of $77.2 bil­lion in 2020, accord­ing to New­zoo Research.

Web3 decen­tral­iza­tion has the poten­tial to thor­ough­ly dis­rupt the val­ue dynam­ics of the gam­ing indus­try in a way that puts the play­ers at the cen­ter of the action in every way. 

Also, accord­ing to a recent Dapp Radar report, blockchain gam­ing account­ed for around half of all dApp active wal­lets, which sug­gests that it is prob­a­bly the strongest area of the cryp­to market.

As such, the pos­si­ble end of the bear mar­ket that cryp­to may cur­rent­ly be wit­ness­ing, will like­ly see gam­ing projects such as Meta Mas­ters Guild take the lead.

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