Best Crypto NFT Games: Decentraland, Moshnake, and Flow

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All play-to-earn cryp­to games have one thing in com­mon – NFTs. The appli­ca­tions for these NFTs are lim­it­less. For instance, you can buy a vir­tu­al land NFT using MANA and build real estate on it in the pop­u­lar Decen­tra­land game. Also, you can buy your NFT snake using MSH and manip­u­late it to feed and bat­tle in the new snake-inspired Mosh­nake NFT game.

Like­wise, the FLOW token sup­ports the play-to-earn NFT games devel­oped on the Flow blockchain. In gen­er­al, play­ers get reward­ed for play­ing these games either with NFTs or by earn­ing more tokens which they can con­vert to stronger cryp­tos like ETH or actu­al cash.

If you are a game enthu­si­ast, these NFT cryp­to games offer excit­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties to earn while doing what you love. There­fore, you should read on to dis­cov­er how these play-to-earn games reward their players.

Decentraland (MANA) Welcome to a 3D Reality Platform

Decen­tra­land is a 3D vir­tu­al real­i­ty plat­form where cre­ators and gamers inter­act and mon­e­tize their cre­ative con­tent. It is a plat­form that com­bines the ben­e­fits of the meta­verse with NFTs.

The pop­u­lar NFT game lays a big empha­sis on land own­er­ship. It allows users to buy and own land as a sin­gle NFT. It also allows one to make mon­ey by devel­op­ing on your land to raise its mar­ket worth.

To get start­ed, all you need is to cre­ate a cus­tomized avatar for your­self to explore the envi­ron­ment and inter­act with oth­er users.

In addi­tion to own­ing lands, you can pur­chase oth­er cus­tomized in-game NFTs to improve your over­all expe­ri­ence while play­ing the game.

MANA, the native token of the plat­form, is the only cur­ren­cy used in the game to pur­chase lands and oth­er in-game NFTs.

It also lever­ages the DAO for gov­er­nance and com­mu­ni­ty devel­op­ment. MANA hold­ers con­trol the platform’s oper­a­tions, the types of con­tent allowed in the meta­verse, LAND auc­tions, and voting.

Moshnake (MSH) – The Upcoming Play to Earn Token

Mosh­nake (MSH) is an upcom­ing Play-to-Earn NFT game oper­at­ing on the BNB Smart Chain. It is a com­mu­ni­ty-focused NFT game that revives the clas­sic and leg­endary snake gam­ing experience.

Play­ers can relive those good old days again with Mosh­nake (MSH) with the added ben­e­fit of earn­ing while play­ing and being part of a community.

Each play­er in the game can buy and manoeu­vre their own Mosh­nake NFT snake to feed them with the dif­fer­ent types of eggs and in-game NFT items lying in the arena.

In addi­tion, Mosh­nake (MSH) is also a bat­tle-based game where your snake bat­tles with oth­er play­ers’ snakes in the bat­tle royale are­na to win game tokens. There­fore, you require skills such as com­pact bal­ance, team­work, and tac­tics in this NFT game.

Mosh­nake hosts two dif­fer­ent tokens – the Ven­om token (VEN) and the Mosh­nake token (MSH). While the VEN token is the in-game token, the MSH token is the gov­er­nance token in the DAO. Play­ers can pur­chase their Mosh­nake NFT using the MSH in the NFT mar­ket­place. Also, they can exchange their MSH tokens in the major CEX – Binance.

Cur­rent­ly, the Mosh­nake (MSH) team is offer­ing cool bonus­es for ear­ly buy­ers in the MSH token pre­sales. There is a 20% bonus on the first pur­chase with an addi­tion­al 8%, 6%, and 4% bonus for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pre­sale stages.

Flow (FLOW) The High Performing Blockchain

Flow is a high-per­for­mance blockchain designed explic­it­ly for mint­ing NFT, devel­op­ing large-scale cryp­to NFT games, and dApps.

Devel­oped by Cryp­toKit­ties cre­ator Dap­per Labs, Flow is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain specif­i­cal­ly for scal­ing NFT col­lectibles such as in-game items, unlike broad­er blockchains such as the Ethereum blockchain.

The FLOW token is the native cur­ren­cy and pow­ers the net­work. The token has diverse use cas­es, includ­ing peer-to-peer trans­ac­tions, reward­ing val­ue cre­ation, del­e­gat­ing to earn more tokens, pro­vid­ing secu­ri­ty, and par­tic­i­pat­ing in the deci­sion-mak­ing process of the ecosystem.


For gam­ing tokens, an increase in util­i­ty expands the scope of par­tic­i­pants, increas­ing their adop­tion. Con­se­quent­ly, cryp­to NFT plat­forms like Decen­tra­land (MANA), Flow (FLOW), and Mosh­nake (MSH) host one of the most promi­nent games, while adding new and excit­ing NFT games to the platform.

Addi­tion­al­ly, by bring­ing back the leg­endary game – snake – with added fea­tures, there is always some­thing excit­ing and nov­el to try on the Mosh­nake (MSH) platform.


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