Buzzmint enter the fine art world as they launch their first ever NFT

Buy a Renoir and its digital twin

LONDON, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Buzzmint, a brand new BSV Blockchain-based platform, revealed at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai this week that it will be facilitating the sale of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Gabrielle Holding a Mirror with a Portrait of Coco,” alongside its digital twin on the BSV Blockchain.

Buzzmint, which enables brands to create tokens quickly and easily and NFTs of their digital assets, has been working to on-board UK and Poland-based Art1Bid onto Buzzmint and the BSV Blockchain. The unique and prestigious sale of the Renoir, alongside its digital NFT twin on the BSV Blockchain, celebrates the culmination of months of work and celebrates the launch of the partnership?

Co-founder Charles Symons said of the forthcoming sale: “We are incredibly excited to be able to announce this amazing opportunity to mint and own a celebrated Renoir and its Digital NFT twin to the BSV community. It is an indicator of the faith new enterprise level businesses are putting in BSV and a credit to what the BSV Blockchain can deliver.”

Charles added: “This collaboration announces the marriage of BSV and classical art to the world – an exchanging of vows if you will; Renoir did after all paint Richard Wagner’s portrait – who in turn composed the Bridal Chorus! Buying a Renoir is of course a significant investment, but we do not anticipate this putting off a few individuals within the BSV space who will see this not just an extraordinary opportunity to own this amazing piece of art but also a watershed moment.”

Artbid will be a ground-breaking auction platform for the art market, allowing new investment in art. Thanks to the native data storage available on the BSV Blockchain, it is possible to create an immutable footprint of an image based on scientific and expert data. This combined with a digital certificate of ownership, answers the industry’s significant and historical challenges regarding artwork provenance and authentication, opens entirely new business models and increases the investment potential of this recently extremely thriving industry.

To express interest and discuss the painting in more detail please visit.

About Buzzmint

Buzzmint is set to become an industry leading BSV tech platform that will allow Brands, creators, media specific businesses and individuals to simply and quickly ideate, create and deploy utility led NFT/Token projects. Whilst customers will be able to integrate their own branded version of the Buzzmint platform into their web site, they will also be able to publish direct to Buzzmint’s own marketplace set for launch in Q3 of 2022

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