Coin Bureau’s Top Five Undervalued Metaverse (Virtual Real Estate) Tokens

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The host of pop­u­lar cryp­to com­men­tary and mar­ket analy­sis show Coin Bureau recent­ly talked about his top five under­val­ued alt­coins in the grow­ing world of vir­tu­al real estate and the metaverse.

Speak­ing in a recent YouTube video, Coin Bureau host “Guy” told sub­scribers that $AXS, a native token of Ethereum-pow­ered mon­ster-bat­tle and non-fun­gi­ble token (NFT) based game Axie Infin­i­ty is one of his most bull­ish vir­tu­al real estate altcoins. 

Here is how the Axie Infin­i­ty white paper intro­duces this game:

Axie Infin­i­ty is a game uni­verse filled with fas­ci­nat­ing crea­tures, Axies, that play­ers can col­lect as pets. Play­ers aim to bat­tle, breed, col­lect, raise, and build king­doms for their Axies. The uni­verse has a play­er-owned econ­o­my where play­ers can tru­ly own, buy, sell, and trade resources they earn in the game through skilled-game­play and con­tri­bu­tions to the ecosystem.

There are and will be many var­ied games expe­ri­ences for Axies. Many of them will have play­ers com­pete with each oth­er using com­plex strate­gies and tac­tics to attain top rank­ings or be reward­ed with cov­et­ed resources. Oth­ers will have them com­plete quests, defeat boss­es, and unlock in-depth storylines.

There are count­less unique Axies that play­ers can col­lect with vary­ing body parts and appear­ances. Body parts will unlock abil­i­ties for Axies that vary across games, they will have com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent val­ues, ben­e­fits, and skills from one game to anoth­er. Body parts also have their own unique card art for play­ers to col­lect.

As report­ed by The Dai­ly Hodl, Guy said, 

[Axie] must hold a top-five posi­tion in my eyes sim­ply because of its his­tor­i­cal val­ue as arguably one of the ear­li­est expres­sions of in-game real estate.

Guy was also bull­ish on the Ethereum-based vir­tu­al real­i­ty world Decen­tra­land ($MANA). Guy claimed the world’s 90,000 plots of dig­i­tal real estate were already sold out, but could be increased in the future via DAO voting. 

The Coin Bureau host also high­light­ed $SAND, the native token of The Sand­box as anoth­er vir­tu­al real estate alt­coin for investors to fol­low. Accord­ing to Guy, users can build, own and mon­e­tize dig­i­tal land assets in addi­tion to cre­at­ing games and 3D dio­ra­mas in The Sand­box world.

Guy round­ed out his top five with less­er-known alt­coins Bit.Country ($NUUM) and Aave­g­otchi ($GHST), which are both meta­verse projects that are cen­tered around col­lect­ing and trad­ing vir­tu­al plots of land. 


The views and opin­ions expressed by the author, or any peo­ple men­tioned in this arti­cle, are for infor­ma­tion­al pur­pos­es only, and they do not con­sti­tute finan­cial, invest­ment, or oth­er advice. Invest­ing in or trad­ing cryp­toas­sets comes with a risk of finan­cial loss.

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