Weekend reads: Can bitcoin protect you from inflation?

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It was bad enough that the con­sumer price index was up 6.2% in Octo­ber from a year ear­li­er, and that prices rose 0.9% in only one month. But you have prob­a­bly encoun­tered your own stick­er shock at the super­mar­ket or oth­er places, with much high­er price increases.

How can you pro­tect your­self from a decline in your buy­ing pow­er? Mark DeCam­bre explores the use of bit­coin as a hedge against infla­tion.

More bit­coin

and cryp­tocur­ren­cy coverage:

Nvidia’s amazing run and a look ahead

Here’s a chart show­ing the rise of Nvidia Corp.’s

stock over the past year, com­pared with the S&P 500 Index

and the Invesco QQQ Trust
which cov­ers the tech-con­cen­trat­ed Nas­daq-100 Index


Fact­Set, MarketWatch

It has been an excel­lent 12 months for the broad stock mar­ket, but Nvidia’s per­for­mance has been breath­tak­ing. And if we look back three years, the result for the mak­er of graph­ics proces­sors has been even more impressive:

Fact­Set, MarketWatch

Mike Feibus explains Nvidia’s strat­e­gy to keep it ahead of its com­peti­tors.

Jeff Reeves shares five cat­a­lysts that might push Nvidia’s stock even high­er.

These tech stocks may eventually join the trillion-dollar club

The finan­cial media has made plen­ty of hay out of tril­lion-dol­lar-plus mar­ket cap­i­tal­iza­tions for Microsoft Corp.
Apple Inc.
Amazon.com Inc.

and Tes­la Inc.
But which big tech giants might join that group? Daniel New­man looks at three com­pa­nies that might break into the mega­cap group of tech stocks.

More from Daniel New­man: Ama­zon, per­pet­u­al­ly bashed by politi­cians, is tak­ing on big social ini­tia­tives, and investors should reward it

Value stocks for inflation time

Agence France-Presse/Get­ty Images

Some investors believe a long peri­od of high infla­tion will favor val­ue stocks — gen­er­al­ly those of mature com­pa­nies that trade low to expect­ed earn­ings and which may fea­ture attrac­tive div­i­dend yields. If you’re a believ­er in the val­ue the­sis, Mark Hul­bert has a list of 10 stocks for you.

Read on: Infla­tion is boost­ing prices and stocks — here’s why that isn’t a surprise

Investigating an elder-care provider

If you hire a com­pa­ny to pro­vide com­plete care to an elder­ly loved one, two things you want are assur­ance that the patient won’t be neglect­ed and that you will be able to get in con­tact with care­givers eas­i­ly. Eleanor Laise looks into com­plaints by cus­tomers and reg­u­la­tors that Inno­vAge Hold­ing Corp.
the well-con­nect­ed elder care provider that went pub­lic in March, hasn’t been doing its job.

Relat­ed: ‘They promise so much.’ Are those Medicare Advan­tage TV ads for real?

The infrastructure bill and electric cars

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Pres­i­dent Joe Biden plans to sign the $1 tril­lion infra­struc­ture bill on Nov. 15. Clau­dia Assis explains how the new spend­ing can accel­er­ate the tran­si­tion to elec­tric vehi­cles.

More on the infra­struc­ture bill:

A ‘brilliant’ way to track diamonds — blockchain

Tonya Gar­cia pro­files Bril­liant Earth Group
which recent­ly went pub­lic through a suc­cess­ful offer­ing of shares, and fol­lows an ESG-friend­ly approach to the dia­mond trade by track­ing the stones from their pro­duc­tion until they get to customers.

The supply chain’s weakest link

Agence France-Presse/Get­ty Images

It’s truck­ing, and here’s why.

How to save and invest for college

MarketWatch’s How To Invest series con­tin­ues, as Alessan­dra Mal­i­to explains how to set up a finan­cial plan for uni­ver­si­ty tuition.

Do you really want to hire people?

Employ­ers are feel­ing the pinch in the tight-labor econ­o­my — a record 4.4 mil­lion peo­ple quit their jobs in the U.S. in Sep­tem­ber.

Jon Picoult has advice for employ­ers des­per­ate to add good new staff mem­ber: Treat job appli­cants the same way you do your cus­tomers, not with these infu­ri­at­ing indignities.

Anoth­er source of work­ers? Democ­rats plan revamp for green cards in pos­si­ble win for tech sec­tor, as Repub­li­cans object

Retirement planning and the information you might be overlooking

Get­ty Images/iStockphoto

Jim Blanken­ship has a guide to an expand­ed infor­ma­tion source for peo­ple plan­ning for retire­ment — the Social Secu­ri­ty web­site.

More on retire­ment and plan­ning for it:

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