Discussing Bitcoin, Bitcoiners, and Citadels with Aleks Svetski

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[00:00:07] CK: Svetski has put out some incredible work, some incredible thinking. The article prior to this one was Bitcoiners are the Remnant. We don’t need the masses. I think, I messed that title up. Long story short is you should read that one, as well as ASIC.

I’m going to go and show Bitcoin 2022 really quick before we get into talking about Bitcoin, Bitcoiners and Citadels. Y’all need to go to Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, April 6th through the 9th. You can use the promo code, it is satoshi to save yourself 10% off. Prices will be going up. This is going to be the absolute, ultimate Bitcoin are gathering. Our CEO is calling it the ultimate pilgrimage for Bitcoin.

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