A Crypto Project is Only as Strong as the Team that Backs It

  • A cryptocurrency project is only strong as the team that backs it.
  • Aurum is an example of the above mentioned.
  • Jeff Simpson plans to introduce Aurum to the North American Market.

The crypto space has proven to be high-risk for many investors. Time and again, there came projects that raise millions of dollars but then fail to deliver on the promises made. Their tokens plummet to all-time lows and never recover back again.

That is usually the case when the intent behind a project is primarily profit-oriented and focuses less on solving an existing problem and furthering the world toward a better future. However, it’s not difficult to spot the projects with a high potential of succeeding in the future from those that may fail to perform as promised.

Many factors contribute to whether a project fails or succeeds, but one of the most crucial is the team that backs the project.

Every business with a well-structured project, a good vision, and goals can succeed if the team and organizational design prove effective. The positive effects of having a balanced and diverse group are automatically reflected in a business’s growth.

Nowadays, most companies are shifting from a traditional hierarchy system to more considerate and supportive work culture to give teams better opportunities to express their ideas and achieve lasting results. So, it is of great importance to have the right, not perfect, team to build a successful business in today’s fast-paced world.

The results of perfect teamwork may not appear in annual reports, but that is what collectively drives an organization. Team cohesion is critical. It helps generate new ideas, influences creativity, and, more importantly, leads to a collective intelligence required to solve challenging problems in a competitive work environment.

Even when things are not working in your favor, having a motivated team ready to accept both ups and downs will build a strong foundation for any business. It is also essential for the team to continue evolving to realize their potential and influence the project’s growth in multiple ways.

It is now more important than ever to have the right team with diverse skill sets in place in the crypto industry. Also, it would be an added advantage for the team if the core members had seasoned startup veterans. One such company that has put together a great team with highly experienced leading members is Aurum.

Jeff Simpson Plans to Introduce Aurum to the North American Market

The CEO of Aurum is Jeff Simpson, who brings a diverse skillset from his past experiences in sales management and the IT industry. He also understands the social platforms to build a passionate community and get the required reach. Jeff plans to introduce Aurum to the North American market with new partnerships coming in the future.

Speaking of wearing multiple hats, Luke is the early investor and Chief Brand Officer for Aurum. His profound expertise in branding and design has helped Aurum to create a unified brand across all platforms. With the launch of a new website and wallet being right around the corner, we can expect a complete transformation of Aurum from an identity standpoint.

Having genuine passion from the get-go and believing in the project’s future adds a lot of value to any team, as that is precisely what CH brings to Aurum. From being the head moderator to now the full-time Chief Operating Officer, CH has seen it all. He was managing the community when the rebrand from MBS to AUR took place. He also worked alongside the former COO of Aurum. Moving forward, CH will be leading the management side of the project.

The leaders of any project are also the accelerators. Their breadth of knowledge and expertise will help take a company to greater heights. We can expect the same with Aurum. The expert trio will enable more innovation and make necessary changes to take the project to the next level.

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