MEXC Global Lists Evrynet (EVRY) in the Innovation Zone


Leading crypto trading platform MEXC Global is thrilled to announce the listing of Evrynet (EVRY) in its innovation zone. The move follows the completion of the Kickstarter event of EVRY, where the community contributed USDT to vote for the token listing on MEXC.

Singapore, Oct. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) The Singapore-based exchange launched trading for EVRY/USDT on October 20 at 13:00 (UTC). Deposits and withdrawals for the token are now open. Participants in the Kickstarter event stand to win up to 500K EVRY tokens. The airdrops have now been distributed to MEXC account addresses. 

The Evrynet team plans to reward its community for supporting the project. Community members can participate in the EVRY Deposit contest scheduled to run between October 19- 25 for a chance to share a prize pool of 150,000 EVRY tokens.

The project backers have also introduced a Trading Contest that will allow the top 10 users on Evrynet with a trading volume higher than 5,000 USDT to share a 200,000 EVRY prize pool grand prize. Other users with a minimum trading volume of 300 USDT are also eligible to grab a portion of a 50,000 EVRY prize pool. 

A Unique Platform for Building Complex Financial Apps

Evrynet is an intelligent financial service network that provides businesses and developers with the infrastructure to build various financial products and services. Evryone on the platform can create an unlimited number of DeFi and CeFi apps that are interoperable with top blockchains such as Ethereum and Stellar.

Developers can leverage the existing basic financial templates on the platform to build complex real-world financial functions. The PoS network offers fixed gas fees and improved performance and transaction speeds. 

In the coming month, Evrynet will be introducing Evry.Finance, a hybrid-DEX that allows institutions and individuals to join the DeFi movement via AMM/DMM features and an off-chain order book that reduces slippage. This pioneering multi-chain DeFi application, which will launch first on Binance Smart Chain, will brings investors a feature-rich and user-friendly platform that enables them to convert fiat into stablecoin and earn long-term, stable returns. Evrynet plans to achieve this through connecting CeFi assets into DeFi with a pipeline of synthetic assets, loanbook-funding and trade finance to name a few.

Evryhub, another prominent feature of the project, powers cross-chain interoperability that offers users unlimited possibilities. Evrynet will soon unveil the 2.0 iteration of the hub. The upcoming product will connect the innovative financial service platform’s ecosystem to leading chains like Ethereum, Stellar, and the Binance Smart Chain.

The Evrynet Marketing Campaign

Evrynet has initiated a robust marketing schedule on MEXC Global to raise awareness about its financial products and services. The now completed ‘Count the Tokens’ campaign kicked off on October 13 and will reward 20 MEXC Global account addresses with 10 USDT.

Other promotional activities include a Flashcard Animation challenge where users can showcase the current Evrynet milestones and upcoming plans on the project’s roadmap. Some of the notable achievements include the successful fundraising of $7M led by Signum capital and participated by Petrock Capital, Ellipti Ventures and others. Also, notable early backers participation from HashKey Capital, Everest Ventures, Hanhwa Investment and Securities, Seven Bank, UOB Venture Management, Uni-President Asset Holdings, Hopeshine Ventures and Du Capital.

The marketing endeavours also include the now completed pre-hype promotion for the ’26 Questions’ video and its Youtube launch, along with the ‘2 truths and 1 lie’ campaign designed to give investors more insight into the Evry network.

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MEXC Global

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