Mainstream Centralized Exchange CoinZoom adds TRX and TRC-20 USDT to Its Range of Assets

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Vladislav Sopov

Two popular assets are now available on CoinZoom for deposits/withdrawals, sending and passive income initiatives


CoinZoom, a top-tier U.S.-based centralized cryptocurrencies exchange, has announced a meaningful addition to its suite of assets for all products.

TRX and Tron-based USDT now live on CoinZoom

According to the official announcement shared by the CoinZoom team, two mainstream cryptocurrencies have been added to the suite of coins supported.

CoinZoom now supports TRC-20 USDT and TRX
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The first one is Tronics (also “Tron,” TRX). It is a core native asset of Tron blockchain, one of the most crucial smart contracts ecosystems for dApps and DeFis.

As of Q4, 2021, Tron (TRX) hosts 810 decentralized applications that largely belong to the segments of gambling, betting and high-risk passive income instruments, as per DappRadar data.

The second one is U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin ever, in its Tron-based version. It means that CoinZoom users will be able to send the equivalent of U.S. Dollar over Tron blockchain.

All-in-one platform for crypto enthusiasts

This addition is a crucial one: Tron remains the cheapest platform for money remittances. For instance, sending 10,000 TRC-20 USDT is charged with a trivial 1 USDT fee.

CoinZoom exchange representatives stressed that both assets can be utilized in all offers available on the platform:

We are pleased to announce that TRON (TRX) and a TRON version of Tether USDT (TRC20) are now live on the CoinZoom exchange for customers to buy, sell, trade, earn, send and spend.

CoinZooom is among the largest regulated crypto platforms with fiat support. It boasts native VISA crypto-to-fiat cards and supports ACH and wire transfers.

As covered by U.Today previously, CoinZoom’s passive income solutions allow crypto enthusiasts to earn up to 7.5% on 40+ cryptocurrencies.

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