China Banning Bitcoin Is a Big Mistake, Says Dan Held

  • Bitcoin OG, Dan Held, tweeted, “China banning Bitcoin may be the biggest geopolitical mistake of the century.”
  • His tweet sparked interesting conversations on the Twitter space, showing that people have varied opinions on the matter.

Dan Held, one of the OG supporters of the major digital asset, Bitcoin (BTC), initiated an interesting topic on Twitter yesterday. He says that China’s decision in banning BTC might be the ‘biggest geopolitical mistake of the century.’

China surprised the crypto space when it suddenly decided to ban BTC in the country. As this ensues, more crypto platforms are exiting the country and continuing their business elsewhere.

Of course, this decision created a massive butterfly effect in the market. There was some period this year that the market saw a drastic change from China’s move.

With that said, as Dan Held said, China’s decision may be a big mistake, indeed.

The Twitter crypto space, moreover, had different opinions on the matter. One account, @CurrencyWar1, said that “China’s CBDC will be the no. 1 digital currency in 2 years.” Another one, @theswampgirlUSA, said that “They [China] want the Chinese digital yuan to be a global reserve currency, not $BTC. Their #cbdc will incorporate #AI and social credit tracking so they can know everything about everyone.”

On the other hand, some are being speculative on the matter. For example, @Nuno_CFerreia said, “China is currently the number 2 holder of BTC… it doesn’t look like they banned it, they just want us to think they did.. the question is, why?”

Meanwhile, some took this as a positive thing. @jdubya said,

For China, yes.  But it was the next positive step in the evolution of Bitcoin.  It was not meant for one country to control so much of the mining resources.  Better world distribution means a stronger network.

In any case, we will see if Dan Held’s opinion is true in the coming months or perhaps years. For now, the public is yet to see how China banning BTC will affect the country and the entire market.

At the time of writing, BTC’s price increased by 0.56% in the last 7 days and trade at around $61,000, according to CoinMarketCap.

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