Nostra: DeFi on StarkNet. Nostra Overview: | by NyamCatCrypto | Nov, 2023

Nostra Overview:

Nostra is a comprehensive DeFi solution operating on the Starknet blockchain, offering users a single platform for lending, borrowing, and trading cryptocurrencies. Developed by Tempus, it focuses on building Starknet’s Liquidity Layer for broad adoption among retail users.

Vision and Accessibility:

Nostra envisions a more accessible financial landscape where users can securely access liquidity in a retail-friendly manner. The aim is to provide a seamless user experience while ensuring capital efficiency and security.

Mission and Scalability:

Nostra’s mission is to develop scalable and accessible DeFi products with advanced features. This is achieved using Starknet, a layer-2 solution offering speed and cost-effectiveness without compromising the security of the Ethereum network.

The Liquidity Layer Functionality:

Nostra’s Liquidity Layer enables lending, borrowing, and trading of cryptocurrencies, ensuring permissionless access to liquid assets with minimal market impact. The focus is on inclusivity and efficiency within the DeFi space.

Core Features of the Liquidity Layer:

The Liquidity Layer encompasses lending, allowing users to deposit and earn interest, borrowing against collateral, and introducing UNO, a stablecoin pegged to USD and overcollateralized by interest-bearing ETH. Additionally, it facilitates seamless trading with low fees and zero slippage.

Built on Starknet Infrastructure: Nostra’s Liquidity Layer operates on Starknet, a scalable solution built on Ethereum’s secure network. This foundation ensures a robust infrastructure for Nostra’s DeFi offerings.

Three Pillars:

Lend, Trade, Mint:

  • Lend: Foundational to Nostra, lending and borrowing drive ecosystem productivity, providing enhanced yields for UNO minters.
  • Trade: Nostra’s Decentralized Order Book Exchange enables users to trade cryptocurrencies seamlessly, benefiting from low fees and zero slippage.
  • Mint: UNO, as the first Starknet-native stablecoin, allows users to accrue yield on interest-bearing ETH deposits while utilizing UNO across various Starknet applications.

Unified DeFi Experience:

By consolidating lending, trading, and minting into one decentralized application, Nostra aims to deliver a superior user experience, increased capital efficiency, easier integration, and stronger liquidity network effects. This integration unlocks significant benefits for users engaging with the Nostra platform.

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