Metacade: Creating a community for crypto enthusiasts and gamers

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Until recent­ly, the gamer com­mu­ni­ty has remained sep­a­rate from the cryp­tocur­ren­cy com­mu­ni­ty. This is chang­ing thanks to Meta­cade, a com­mu­ni­ty hub for gamers and cryp­to enthu­si­asts alike. As Web3 and the cryp­tos­phere have rev­o­lu­tion­ized every aspect of the dig­i­tal realm, the gam­ing indus­try is in for a transformation. 

Metacade’s MCADE token is one of the new cryp­to coins in the mar­ket, and gamers can use it to play and earn rewards in games on Metacade’s plat­form. Set­ting itself apart from oth­er con­tenders in the cryp­to mar­ket, Meta­cade pro­vides a work­able mod­el, which puts it in a posi­tion to make explo­sive gains next year. 

Meta­cade is among the fastest-grow­ing new cryp­to coins

Meta­cade isn’t an old play­er in cryp­to mar­kets, hav­ing had its launch this year. How­ev­er, it seems poised to give tough com­pe­ti­tion to even estab­lished tokens through its inno­v­a­tive mod­el and the appeal to a tra­di­tion­al­ly ignored demo­graph­ic in crypto.

Con­sid­er, for exam­ple, its new stak­ing pool. Metacade’s pre­vi­ous stak­ing pool con­tin­ued for the last six months, and the com­mu­ni­ty pooled 250,000 MCADE tokens. As the pool expired in ear­ly Octo­ber, the plat­form launched a new one on the same day. This time the tar­get is to bring in 500,000 MCADE tokens. And it is well on track to achieve it, hav­ing raised more than 400,000 tokens in just one week. This dif­fer­ence in the first and sec­ond stak­ing pools is sig­nif­i­cant and indi­cates Meta­cade is growing. 

Metacade’s suc­cess, despite it being one of the new cryp­to coins, may be aston­ish­ing to a layper­son, but experts saw it com­ing. The devel­op­ers are hard at work to make Meta­cade one of the most opti­mized cryp­tocur­ren­cies, and they recent­ly launched a main­net plat­form in Octo­ber. The plat­form also gives out incen­tives, like the life­time Met­cad­er pass, allow­ing users ear­ly bird access to all Web3 util­i­ties on their web­site if they join the stak­ing pool. The pool itself is esti­mat­ed to give a 25% ROI. 

A resur­gence and collaborations

If you have been fol­low­ing the news, Meta­cade has had sev­er­al indi­ca­tions of a resur­gent 2024. For exam­ple, it got Cer­tik approval, which accred­its the plat­form as a safe and trustable cryp­tocur­ren­cy. As this will ease any investor doubts about the platform’s safe­ty, it can boost Metacade’s price.

The sev­er­al deals and part­ner­ships Meta­cade made will def­i­nite­ly sweet­en the platform’s chances and find them new cus­tomers. For exam­ple, the deal with Transak allows poten­tial new users to buy MCADE at Transak with 0% card fees.

Meta­cade also col­lab­o­rat­ed with Poly­gon Labs, the indus­try leader in the Game­Fi ecosys­tem. Thanks to Polygon’s esteemed rep­u­ta­tion, we antic­i­pate that this part­ner­ship will attract a mul­ti­tude of new gam­ing enthu­si­asts to Metacade.

What is Metacade?

Meta­cade isn’t pri­mar­i­ly a cryp­to blockchain. It is a plat­form and com­mu­ni­ty hub that brings gamers and cryp­to enthu­si­asts togeth­er. As devel­op­ers con­tin­ue to add fea­tures, the final ver­sion of Meta­cade will like­ly be a mas­sive, inte­grat­ed vir­tu­al world that serves as a one-stop shop for gamers’ every need, pow­ered by cryp­tocur­ren­cy and blockchain technology. 

The platform’s games col­lec­tion is impres­sive and dynam­ic with a fre­quent­ly updat­ed reper­toire. The long-await­ed Ember Sword is com­ing soon to Metacade’s library, as are Oxya Ori­gin and Defin­i­ty Legend.

But Meta­cade is not just a gam­ing plat­form; it is a com­mu­ni­ty. Expect to net­work and social­ize with gamers world­wide, read and pub­lish gam­ing reviews, and attend the devel­op­ers’ AMA ses­sions. These tasks also earn you MCADE tokens, which you can use on Meta­cade or trade for oth­er coins in cryp­to markets. 

Meta­nomics: How you earn on Meta­cade and how it is financed

Metacade’s goal is to be an autonomous com­mu­ni­ty that can gen­er­ate rev­enue. Meta­cade shares its rev­enue with its com­mu­ni­ty, allow­ing you to earn by play­ing games. The plat­form offers four dis­tinct ways of mak­ing money. 

The first mod­el is called Play2Earn, which pays you to play dif­fer­ent games. The sec­ond mod­el, Compete2Earn, lets you win excit­ing rewards by enter­ing and win­ning gam­ing com­pe­ti­tions that are held fre­quent­ly on Meta­cade. Remem­ber that join­ing a Meta­cade com­pe­ti­tion will cost you coins. If you’re not a com­pet­i­tive gamer but still want to be a part of Metacade’s com­mu­ni­ty, the third mod­el, Create2Earn, is for you. Through it, you get paid for engag­ing with the com­mu­ni­ty, such as by writ­ing reviews, and shar­ing alphas. 

The fourth earn­ing mod­el is Work2Earn, which will be func­tion­al by the end of Q1 2024. Through this mod­el, Meta­cade will cre­ate a job board where gam­ing com­pa­nies list vacan­cies. These include short- and long-term jobs, such as beta-test­ing a new game to iden­ti­fy errors and bugs. Mem­bers can earn rev­enue by com­plet­ing these jobs. 

With these dif­fer­ent earn­ing mod­els, one must won­der what Metacade’s earn­ing mod­el is. The plat­form aims to raise most of its rev­enue through paid adver­tise­ments. Oth­er sources income for Meta­cade include job list­ings, tour­na­ment draws, and a pay-to-play arcade. Through these means, Meta­cade aims to raise enough mon­ey to finance its day-to-day oper­a­tions and a trea­sury reserve to devel­op new features. 

Meta­cade like­ly to be a dom­i­nat­ing new coin 

The writing’s on the wall: Meta­cade is ready to be among the best-per­form­ing new cryp­to coins of 2024. The nee­dle in cryp­to mar­kets is mov­ing in a favor­able direc­tion for Meta­cade: it shows how much progress the devel­op­ers have made in trans­form­ing Meta­cade from an idea to a ful­ly func­tion­ing plat­form. The deals with Transak and Poly­gon, the addi­tion of new games, and the new stak­ing pool indi­cate that Meta­cade can make it big enough to dom­i­nate next year.

Users can buy the MCADE token via the Meta­cade web­site.


Dis­claimer: This is a paid post and should not be treat­ed as news/advice.

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