Uniswap rolls out crypto wallet for Android users

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The Uniswap wal­let will now be avail­able to all Android users short­ly fol­low­ing its beta launch in October.

Users can swap tokens between mul­ti­ple chains, includ­ing Poly­gon, Arbi­trum, Opti­mism, Base and BNB Chain — with more net­works to be inte­grat­ed in the future. 

Swaps will be pro­tect­ed by an MEV block­er that offers “swap pro­tec­tion,” which will place trans­ac­tions into a pri­vate trans­ac­tion pool, thus pre­vent­ing fron­trun­ning and sand­wich attacks.

Uniswap is the largest decen­tral­ized exchange by trade vol­ume cur­rent­ly pro­cess­ing more than $1.5 bil­lion in dai­ly vol­ume. The pro­to­col has a total val­ue locked of $3.6 bil­lion and the mar­ket cap of its native token, UNI, is $3.9 bil­lion, accord­ing to infor­ma­tion from DeFiLlama. 

In an inter­view with Block­works, Callil Capuoz­zo, the vice pres­i­dent of design at Uniswap Labs, said that the new wal­let will launch with func­tion­al­i­ty for six dif­fer­ent lan­guages and 18 dif­fer­ent currencies. 

“The main thing is try­ing to tie into this goal that we had of reach­ing more users and a more glob­al audi­ence,” he said.

The Uniswap Labs team had been work­ing on ways to rely less on inac­cu­rate machine trans­la­tions to pro­vide a bet­ter user expe­ri­ence for its cus­tomers world­wide. Small tweaks around the swap flow have also been made, Capuoz­zo added. 

Pri­or to its offi­cial release, the Uniswap wal­let had been test­ed by inter­est­ed users in batch­es. Par­tic­i­pants were able to sign up and test the wal­let and pro­vide feed­back where necessary. 

This was to ensure error and crash rates on the app stayed sta­ble, Capuz­zo said. 

“With Android devices, there’s many dif­fer­ent sizes and con­fig­u­ra­tions, mean­ing there’s a lot more edge cas­es that can hap­pen, so the beta was real­ly good for get­ting user feed­back and build­ing a bet­ter prod­uct,” he said. 

Uniswap wal­let first launched on the Apple Store in April this year. Although it is unclear how many down­loads the app has, it cur­rent­ly has over 600 rat­ings in the Apple Store.

“We have a lot of users on Twit­ter ask­ing, ‘wen Android,’ so we’re expect­ing a good amount of users for the Android device,” Capuz­zo said.

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