Pinnacle is Disney’s “Socially Driven” Trading Pin NFT

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Disney Pinnacle NFT
Image Cred­it: The Walt Dis­ney Company

Oh, they’re real­ly doing it? Yes, the Walt Dis­ney Com­pa­ny will enter the NFT mar­ket with a project called Pin­na­cle. I guess we can’t say non-fun­gi­ble tokens are tru­ly dead until there’s one of Mick­ey Mouse.

If you couldn’t already tell, Pin­na­cle will be based on Disney’s trendy trad­ing pins. In a way, it makes sense for the com­pa­ny to take this route since it has a built-in base of col­lec­tors. Also, Dis­ney could make quite a killing with Pixar, Star Wars, and many oth­er icon­ic studios/brands/characters under its umbrella.

Thanks to The Verge, we learned about Pin­na­cle and Disney’s col­lab­o­ra­tion with Dap­per Labs. The Mouse and a blockchain game devel­op­er part­ner­ship could be inter­est­ing … or dis­as­trous if the past few years of NFT train­wrecks is any­thing to go by.

A quick peruse of the project’s offi­cial web­site gives us a glimpse into what the NFT tokens will look like, and Dap­per Labs’s press release has this to say:

Dis­ney Pin­na­cle is an all-new prod­uct designed from the ground up to incor­po­rate every­thing we’ve learned over the past few years,” says Roham Ghare­go­zlou, co-founder and CEO of Dap­per Labs. ‘Fans any­where will be able to col­lect dynam­ic pins on their phone and trade instant­ly and secure­ly with each oth­er no mat­ter where they are in the world.’”

They will be shaped like a pin, com­plete with a cap on the back where a phys­i­cal pin’s pointy end would be. Although we don’t get to see any actu­al NFTs, the land­ing page does bear three com­pa­ny logos:

  • Walt Dis­ney Ani­ma­tion Studio
  • Pixar
  • Star Wars

Pin­na­cle will launch some­time before the end of the year.

Cur­rent­ly, you can only join a wait­list for the dig­i­tal pins. Accord­ing to a Coin­Desk arti­cle, the plan is to roll out Pin­na­cle via an iOS app with desk­top and Android acces­si­bil­i­ty to be avail­able later.

For those who have avoid­ed the NFT fias­co, non-fun­gi­ble tokens are bits of code on the blockchain that link to some­thing. That can be a video, a piece of art, text, or a 3D file. How­ev­er, in most cas­es, you do not own the dig­i­tal icon but only the blockchain address.

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