First XRP Ledger Sidechain Takes Major Governance Step: Details

First XRP Ledger Sidechain Takes Major Governance Step: Details
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Xahau, the XRP Ledger’s first protocol sidechain, has taken a huge governance leap. The governance game portal for the Xahau network has been launched by Bithomp.

The XRP Ledger explorer, Bithomp, has created a platform laying out Xahau’s governance game landscape with all of its participants and activity.

XRP labs, Titanium, Evernode, digital governance and Gatehub crypto represent individual validators (Level 1), while the Xahau projects table, Xahau dev table, Xahau auditors and enterprise and Xahau exchange table represent a group (Level 2).

On Oct. 31, the Xahau network went live, marking an important milestone. Ahead of its launch, Xahau presented its revolutionary governance mechanism, dubbed the “Governance Game,” which will control token distribution, reward active users and ensure network viability.

The governance game ensures that each member or validator has a say in shaping developments in the Xahau ecosystem.

With a total of 20 seats, each has its vote. Some seats represent individual validators (Level 1), while others represent a group of validators (Level 2).

The Xahau Governance Game can be compared to a decision-making body that uses a voting mechanism, similar to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that makes decisions based on consensus among its members.

The Genesis Hooks examines validator participation in consensus using the UNLReport while guaranteeing that only those achieving the consensus threshold are rewarded.

GateHub announced shortly after Xahau’s launch that it would begin supporting the Xahau network in its wallet and DEX on Nov. 15.

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