Optimism Launches Airdrop 3 for OP Tokens

Optimism, a Layer 2 Network built on Ethereum, announced its third airdrop on Monday, giving away 19.4 million OP tokens worth around $26 million to 31,870 addresses that took part in the Optimism Collective’s delegation activities. Tokens for Airdrop 3 are automatically distributed to participating wallets without requiring users to complete any further actions.

The criteria for airdrop 3 and how it fits into Optimism mission

Optimism is the second-largest L2 on Ethereum (based on Total Value Locked), and its goal is to use optimistic-rollup technology to facilitate the scalability of distributed applications. Compensation was determined by multiplying the time period over which OP tokens were held by the person who delegated them. This conviction in the ability of positive-sum governance inside the Collective, and the willingness to encourage community engagement, are signs of Optimism’s commitment to decentralisation.

The purpose of the airdrop was to encourage greater participation on the platform and to provide incentives for doing so. Each user will receive a payout proportional to the quantity of tokens delegated and the length of time those tokens were kept. To ensure a fair distribution, Optimism set the lowest payout at 10,000 OP tokens and the maximum at 18,000 units.

In line with its focus on community-driven growth, Optimism has promised to airdrop 19% of its initial token supply. This third drop, like Airdrop 2, incentivizes constructive contributions to governance through a positive sum. Tokens were sent in this airdrop to users who delegated tokens between 00:00 UTC on 2023-01-20 and 00:00 UTC on 2023-07-20. Addresses whose delegates participated in the Optimism Governance vote receive a bonus. There are now 570,000,000 OP tokens available for future airdrops, following the completion of the third round of the airdrop.

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