Ethereum Holesky testnet launch flops, relaunch is expected in coming weeks

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Ethereum’s Holesky test­net expe­ri­enced an error that will require anoth­er launch attempt, com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers and devel­op­ers said on Sept. 15.

Ethereum researcher Diederik Loer­akker, aka pro­to­lamb­da, wrote that one devel­op­er entered cer­tain data in the wrong part of the network’s gen­e­sis files. He said:

“Some­one put 0x686f77206d7563682069732074686520666973683f (“how much is the fish?”) as extra-data in the EL Holesky genesis.json, and not in the CL genesis.ssz.”

This result­ed in a mis­con­fig­u­ra­tion that caused the test­net to fail to launch, accord­ing to Loer­akker. He added that oth­er fork para­me­ters are “rumored to mis­match” but did not pro­vide fur­ther details of those issues.

Loer­akker added that Holesky did not expe­ri­ence issues relat­ed to net­work size, some­thing that was con­sid­ered before launch. In August, devel­op­ers deter­mined that Holesky could han­dle 1.4 mil­lion val­ida­tors. In response, they intro­duced a large amount of Holesky ETH, amount­ing to 1.6 bil­lion tokens.

Relaunch expected in coming weeks

Though devel­op­ers will soon relaunch Holesky, the exact date of that event is still unclear. Nether­mind, an Ethereum research and engi­neer­ing group, said devel­op­ers will relaunch Holesky in one week. That seem­ing­ly places the next attempt on Sept. 22.

Mean­while, Ethereum con­trib­u­tor and Sig­ma Prime mem­ber Michael Sproul has sug­gest­ed in a GitHub pull request that Holesky should be relaunched on Sept. 28. That date is near­ly two weeks lat­er than the network’s first launch attempt.

Regard­less of delays, the issue does not affect Ethereum’s main­net, which is respon­si­ble for trans­ac­tions with real val­ue. Beaconchain.eth acknowl­edged this, writ­ing that the Holesky launch “didn’t go as expect­ed, but that’s what test­nets are here for.”

Accord­ing to Ethereum doc­u­men­ta­tion, Holesky will super­sede Ethereum’s Goer­li test­net. Both test­nets are intend­ed for test­ing relat­ed to stak­ing, val­i­dat­ing, and core net­work upgrades. Anoth­er test­net called Sepo­lia, which is aimed at inde­pen­dent devel­op­ers who want to test their own Ethereum-based apps, also exists.

Each of these test­nets relies on spe­cial test­net ETH that is freely avail­able through faucets and which gen­er­al­ly has no real mar­ket value.

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