One Stop Solution to All DeFi Complexities: Zerion

DeFi (decentralized finance) is a new piece of financial tech which has come to light that defies current standards of centralized finance. Lately, a major fraction of  people are getting into DeFi, NFTs and crypto.

Us, as humans, have everything on our fingertips due to the advancement of technology making the user experience more hassle-free and seamless. 

Unfortunately, most of the DeFi applications have a higher degree of complexity associated with them. Here comes, Zerion, a decentralized finance platform specially curated for the modern day internet users who don’t have a mental bandwidth to deal with the complexities of DeFi applications and that’s most of us.

A Bridge That Connects Every Road

Discussed above are the concerns faced by beginners frequently. As you dig in, you’ll face enormous challenges to deal with and as soon as you cope with the intricacies of one DeFi platform, you may require to shift to another platform. 

Zerion, due to its modern design network and easily accessible dashboard, allows the user to easily navigate through different DeFi and manage their DeFi portfolios.

Zerion is designed in a way that is very minimalistic and gives off a sense of familiarity to the user and not make them feel as though they’ve entered a foreign land.

Zerion, being a bridge between various DeFi platforms, allows the user to not switch between the platforms in case of expanding their DeFi portfolio and makes the process of trading easier.

What Makes Zerion OG of DeFi Dashboards?

  1. Offers maximum features

In today’s time, people are aficionados of innovative and minimalist design. They prefer to find everything that is of concern to them at one place instead of searching for the information all over the market.

Zerion allows its users to view their DeFi investments on a spectrum ranging from staked and lent tokens to their wallet balance. Zerion supports more than 60 DeFi protocols which come in handy while buying new assets, stake, lend or borrow tokens, create a new vault and more. The Zerion dashboard keeps a check on your overall portfolio and saves you the trouble of doing it yourself.

  1. Decentralized to the core

This won’t come in as a surprise if you think of Zerion as a centralized platform which requires you to hold your assets with itself but in reality it’s nowhere close. Even though it’s similar to a Web2 platform, it doesn’t track user data or cross-associate wallets along with maintaining the transparency with its users and keeping the ‘De’ in DeFi intact.

Moreover, rather than transferring your funds to Zerion, you can simply connect your choice of non-custodial wallet to the platform. This simply means that while you’re tracking your investments through Zerion, the control still remains with you along with the private key. Zerion believes to secure the privacy of its users as its top priority.

  1. Zerion DNA

Zerion DNA is a unique living NFT, which is primarily obtainable with Zerion wallet and progresses by itself whenever there’s any activity detected in your wallet due to the change in the value of your assets you own and the number of networks you use.

The Zerion DNA holders enjoy benefits like changing their wallet avatars and express their on-chain activity visually.

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