UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak considering new rules to regulate AI amid concerns of ‘existential threats’

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UK Prime Min­is­ter Rishi Sunak aims to update his government’s guide­lines around reg­u­lat­ing arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI) and its devel­op­ment, The Guardian report­ed May 26.

Earlier suggestions are out of date

The Guardian said that Sunak’s gov­ern­ment pub­lished a white paper in March, but the sug­ges­tions in that paper are now out of date.

Now, Sunak’s gov­ern­ment could tight­en reg­u­la­tions in accor­dance with new devel­op­ments. A gov­ern­ment spokesper­son said the reg­u­la­tions aim to ensure pub­lic safe­ty, stat­ing: “Some of this tech is mov­ing so fast it’s unknown.”

Sunak met lead­ers from the AI sec­tor, includ­ing Ope­nAI CEO Sam Alt­man and Google Deep­Mind CEO Demis Has­s­abis on May 24. He then met Google CEO Sun­dar Pin­chai on May 26. After the first meet­ings, the gov­ern­ment acknowl­edged risks, includ­ing “dis­in­for­ma­tion and nation­al secu­ri­ty” and poten­tial “exis­ten­tial threats.”

While Sunak report­ed­ly aims to cre­ate an inter­na­tion­al reg­u­la­to­ry agree­ment around AI devel­op­ment, bipar­ti­san MPs are focused on advanc­ing leg­is­la­tion that would cre­ate rules for com­pa­nies work­ing with AI with­in the UK itself.

Either plan could lead to the cre­ation of new reg­u­la­to­ry bodies.

Other regions are regulating AI

Oth­er juris­dic­tions have already attempt­ed to reg­u­late the indus­try. Italy was among the first coun­tries to block Chat­G­PT in April before it reversed that ban in May.

Oth­er areas, includ­ing Spain, France, and parts of Ger­many, have inquired into pos­si­ble AI data pro­tec­tion and pri­va­cy vio­la­tions. Europe is now attempt­ing to broad­ly reg­u­late the AI indus­try, as Euro­pean Par­lia­ment announced an “AI Act” on May 11.

U.S. Sen­a­tors also held a hear­ing on May 16, dur­ing which Ope­nAI CEO Sam Alt­man tes­ti­fied and advo­cat­ed for the cre­ation of AI regulations.

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