Lark Davis’ Top DeFi Picks: Keep An Eye Out For These Upcoming Improvements & Catalysts

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The blockchain indus­try is about to see the arrival of sev­er­al sig­nif­i­cant DeFi improve­ments and cat­a­lysts in the near future. 

Lark Davis, a cryp­to expert, out­lines the most sig­nif­i­cant ones to keep an eye out for. Let’s explore. 

Curve Finance: Curve Finance, which is the largest sta­ble swap pro­to­col and the fourth largest DeFi net­work, is launch­ing its own sta­ble­coin called CRVUSD. This coin has the poten­tial to offer new rev­enue to hold­ers of CRV, so it’s def­i­nite­ly worth look­ing out for.

Shibar­i­um: Next on his list is Shi­ba Inu’s eager­ly await­ed Shibar­i­um, a Lay­er 2 blockchain that has the goals of accel­er­at­ing trans­ac­tion times and reduc­ing trans­ac­tion costs in order to facil­i­tate the expan­sion of the Shi­ba Inu ecosystem.

Aave: is all set to deploy its V pro­to­col, which is antic­i­pat­ed to pro­vide more effi­cien­cy, decreased gas prices, improved lay­er two sup­port, and sim­pler cross-chain liq­uid­i­ty to the platform.

Syn­thetix (SNX): is releas­ing its V3 gov­er­nance mod­ule. Accord­ing to reports, the new­ly added mod­ule would make it sim­pler for the net­work to make gov­er­nance choic­es with a reduced num­ber of per­son­nel. This is a reac­tion to dif­fi­cul­ties with vot­ing that Syn­thetix has encoun­tered in the past.

Woo X: The exchange is work­ing on imple­ment­ing per­pet­u­al swaps, has burned a sig­nif­i­cant amount of tokens and is research­ing oth­er toke­nomics models.

GMX: Last but not least, GMX is mulling an expan­sion to BNB Chain, which would be its third expan­sion after Abrit­urm and AVAX respec­tive­ly. It has already pre­sent­ed a plan that details the man­ner in which it intends to inte­grate the plat­form with BNB.

Because the cryp­tocur­ren­cy indus­try is in a state of per­pet­u­al flux, it is quite expect­ed that new tech­nolo­gies and appli­ca­tions will be devel­oped in the near future. These advance­ments could alter the way we think about and inter­act with the blockchain.

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