CLONE X vs. Ganja Guruz: Which NFT Collection is More Popular Among Gamers?

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Bud­Blockz (BLUNT), the cannabis cryp­tocur­ren­cy, has grown in pop­u­lar­i­ty since it launched its native NFT, the Gan­ja Guruz. NFTs have recent­ly become an impor­tant part of the cryp­to mar­ket, and sev­er­al projects have made mil­lions of dol­lars by trad­ing their NFT pieces. Gan­ja Guruz, on the oth­er hand, is becom­ing more pop­u­lar among gamers thanks to its strong marketplace.

Own­ing dig­i­tal assets gives investors a sense of secu­ri­ty, but weeks ago, it was report­ed that Nike’s COO lost all of its RTFK­T’s Clone X NFTs in a phish­ing attack. Clone X is one of the most pop­u­lar NFTs among gamers, but Gan­ja Guruz is rapid­ly replac­ing it.

CLONE X vs. Ganja Guruz: Which NFT Collection is More Popular Among Gamers?

Let’s see which of these two NFTs is more pop­u­lar and what sets them apart among gamers.

Ganja Guruz is the native token of BudBlockz (BLUNT), the growing altcoin.

Bud­Blockz (BLUNT) is the first cannabis plat­form in the world, and it was made so that cus­tomers and sell­ers of cannabis prod­ucts can do busi­ness safe­ly and open­ly. Bud­Blockz has released a new NFT com­pi­la­tion called Gan­ja Guruz. The plat­form makes use of BLUNT, the plat­for­m’s native coin. The peo­ple who own BLUNT tokens are auto­mat­i­cal­ly accept­ed into this friend­ly com­mu­ni­ty and giv­en access to a wide range of unique benefits.

Hold­ers of the Gan­ja Guruz col­lec­tion’s non-fun­gi­ble tokens will be able to pur­chase own­er­ship stakes in cannabis shops, stores, and farms world­wide. It will give peo­ple who own NFTs not only a reli­able source of pas­sive income but also a lot of oth­er ben­e­fits. Also, it will not only remove bar­ri­ers to par­tic­i­pa­tion but also improve inclu­sion. Users with few­er finan­cial resources can buy shares of assets that cre­ate mon­ey. It is achieved with­out hav­ing to spend a lot of mon­ey, which is what would nor­mal­ly be needed.

Despite the fact that the project is still in its ear­ly stages, over six­ty mil­lion tokens have been pur­chased. Even so, the net­work has already attract­ed a lot of investors, and it calls itself the first decen­tral­ized e‑commerce plat­form for peo­ple who like mar­i­jua­na. With a min­i­mum invest­ment of $50, any­one who wants to get into the cannabis busi­ness can do so safe­ly and profitably.

Bud­Blockz (BLUNT) fans who own Gan­ja Guruz NFTs will have unre­strict­ed access to all cannabis facil­i­ties with­in the Bud­Blockz ecosys­tem, no mat­ter where they are in the world. It is because NFTs will serve as mem­ber­ship licens­es and show that users are real. Gan­ja Guruz NFT hold­ers will also get sev­er­al ben­e­fits that are usu­al­ly only avail­able to ver­i­fied mem­bers. Hold­ers, for exam­ple, will get pro­mo codes that, when entered at cannabis stores, will let them buy cannabis prod­ucts at a dis­count. These shops sell mar­i­jua­na items.

RTFKT Clone X NFTs has been making big moves since Nike’s acquisition.

Clone X col­lab­o­rates with Takashi Muraka­mi, a Japan­ese artist who cre­ates NFT avatars, vir­tu­al sneak­ers, and oth­er meta­verse fash­ion col­lectibles. With more than 20,000 NFTs, Clone X has attract­ed sev­er­al big names, like Lebron James.

RTFKT has made steady progress in build­ing its busi­ness and expand­ing its ecosys­tem in con­junc­tion with Nike since the firm was bought. Clone X own­ers have got­ten dif­fer­ent air­drops, and each has anoth­er pur­pose and set of ways to use it.

Clone X has also moved to cre­ate phys­i­cal prod­ucts from its NFT col­lectibles, like the Nike Air Force 1s, which has inter­est­ed many enthusiasts.

The Gan­ja Guruz col­lec­tion gives peo­ple access to one-of-a-kind art as well as deals and dis­counts on a wide range of prod­ucts. Hold­ers can join Bud­Blockz dis­pen­saries world­wide as offi­cial mem­bers, so they are auto­mat­i­cal­ly part of the plat­for­m’s grow­ing cannabis com­mu­ni­ty. Last­ly, Gan­ja Guruz own­ers can play in the P2E gam­ing area with a weed theme. Play­ers who do well in this area get BLUNT tokens.

Sto­ry first pub­lished: Tues­day, Jan­u­ary 24, 2023, 16:21 [IST]

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