Kairaa Tech Serve, The Brainchild Of A 20 Years Veteran In Share Market, Brings Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Exchange & NFT Marketplace”

Kairaa Tech Serve is founded and operated under the visionary leadership of Agilan, a 20-year veteran in the Share Market, Commodity trading, Fund Management, Risk Management, and Research Analyst.

Agilan began his career in the highly speculative Stock Market domain in 2006 when he took up the role of Regional Manager at JRG Securities Limited. He did an outstanding job, and due to his consistent contributions, was elevated to the position of State Head at PJ Commodity Ventures and Share way Securities.

In 2015, Agilan took a bold step forward and started a research analyst and risk management company – a startup that tackled one of the most pressing matters of the financial industry. Riding on the success of this venture and expertise in various financial instruments, Agilan launched his own Algo trading software in 2017.

Today, Agilan and his Kairaa Tech Serve team continue to plow ahead and set new standards of excellence in the financial industry with innovative solutions. His confidence in the capabilities and reliability of the solutions they provide gives reassurance to all of us who continuously strive to stay one step ahead of the volatile financial market.

Kairaa Tech Serve offers web 3.0 technologies to help companies optimize their businesses. Kairaa’s innovative solutions are tailored to the client’s needs and objectives, allowing them to adapt and compete in the ever-evolving business world. Their expert team is highly knowledgeable in the field and will assist clients in making the most of their investments.

At Kairaa, Agilan is currently working on developing a centralized block chain trading online platform to serve customers of various age groups. This platform promises to provide a powerful, user-friendly trading experience with its advanced portfolio management tools and the much-needed exchange function. He is also working towards designing crypto assets that will make cryptocurrency and digital asset trading and financial management an easier process.

He has come up with two top-tier crypto- ecosystem which will allow to exchange Crypto currencies with their own Crypto currency (KAIT) as gas fee. Coin core is a user-friendly, indigenous website for crypto assets in the fast-paced crypto currency space. It has an ambitious mission to make crypto assets accessible and efficient across the globe by offering retail users unbiased, top-notch, and accurate information with which to make informed decisions confidently. In addition to this, they’re also launching NFT KAIRAA, India’s unique NFT marketplace, where you can buy and sell your one-of-a-kind NFTs. KAIRAA also offers block chain training to students interested in learning through their academy.

At Kairaa Tech Serve, Agilan and his team believes in pushing boundaries and providing solutions in this ever-changing business world.


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