Consensys updates policy to collect IP addresses from Metamask

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Meta­mask devel­op­er Con­sen­sys updat­ed its pri­va­cy pol­i­cy on Nov. 24 to start track­ing Meta­mask users’ IP address­es and Ethereum address­es when they send a transaction.

The update applies to users who use Infu­ra as their Remote Pro­ce­dure Call (RPC) provider in Meta­mask. Infu­ra is an affil­i­ate of Con­sen­sys and is set as the default RPC provider in all Meta­mask wallets.

The update also informs that if users change their RPCs from Infu­ra to anoth­er provider, their data won’t be col­lect­ed by Con­sen­sys. Still, they will be sub­ject to what­ev­er infor­ma­tion col­lec­tion pol­i­cy is per­formed by the RPC provider of their choice. The updat­ed Con­sen­sys pri­va­cy pol­i­cy states:

“When you use Infu­ra as your default RPC provider in Meta­Mask, Infu­ra will col­lect your IP address and your Ethereum wal­let address when you send a transaction.

How­ev­er, if you’re using your own Ethereum node or a third par­ty RPC provider with Meta­Mask, then nei­ther Infu­ra nor Meta­Mask will col­lect your IP address or Ethereum wal­let address”

Other options

Cryp­to sleuth @CryptoSnooper_ shared the news on his Twit­ter account and said users could either switch to anoth­er wal­let or change their RPC providers to dodge the update.

Cryp­toSnoop­er sug­gest­ed Trust Wal­let (TWT) or as alter­na­tive wal­let providers who don’t cur­rent­ly col­lect any user data.

Users can choose to change their RPC providers from Infu­ra to anoth­er provider as a sec­ond option. Cryp­toSnoop­er rec­om­mend­ed Alche­my and shared a tuto­r­i­al describ­ing how to change RPC endpoints.

Following Uniswap

Con­sen­sys’ deci­sion to col­lect user data came three days after the decen­tral­ized exchange Uniswap revealed it start­ed col­lect­ing its users’ on-chain data.

The exchange point­ed to its desire “to make data-dri­ven deci­sions that improve user expe­ri­ence.” as the main rea­son behind this decision.

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