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Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da” — Trad­ing has become more com­mon than it ever used to be due to its increas­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty and prof­it. At present, there are more than 50+ mil­lion peo­ple across the globe who trade in dif­fer­ent types of cryptocurrencies.

Although trad­ing can be prof­itable, it also has a lot of risk, so you have to take a lot of time before invest­ing in any exchange that most of you might not have. An auto­mat­ic trad­ing plat­form called Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da came into exis­tence to solve this prob­lem for us. It increas­es the chances of Our trad­ing suc­cess  up to 60% by set­ting a short trad­ing peri­od that we can trade on. Not only does it min­imise our time spent on trad­ing, but it also allows us to max­imise our profits.

Open an account with Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion app today!

Isn’t it? So, is the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da worth going after? Is it worth invest­ing in? Is it legit­i­mate? To answer all these and sim­i­lar ques­tions, we reg­is­tered our account in the Bit­coin rev­o­lu­tion, and now we’re going to Reviews it for you. In this Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Reviews, you will learn whether or not you should invest in this trad­ing platform.

So, let’s get started.

Sup­port­ed Cryptocurrencies 


Suc­cess Rate



2%  on your profit.

Min­i­mum Deposit 


Mobile App     


With­draw­al Time 

24 hours


Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da: What Is It?

The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da is an auto­mat­ic trad­ing plat­form that works accord­ing to the AI sys­tem and is run by robots. Most of the work on this plat­form is done by the AI sys­tem itself with less or no human inter­ven­tion at all. This trad­ing plat­form claims to give you a prof­it of 60% every day on the amount you invest in it. Since trad­ing is a risk, we’re not cer­tain whether that claim will be right or wrong for you. How­ev­er, the plat­form is indeed prof­itable. How’s it profitable?

One thing that you’d prob­a­bly agree on is that AI is bet­ter than humans. right? AI robots analyse the cryp­to mar­ket and then make trad­ing deci­sions accord­ing­ly. When the robots think that the price of the coin is going down, they buy it; when they see that the price is going up, they sell it out auto­mat­i­cal­ly from your account. Obvi­ous­ly, it won’t hap­pen with­out your permission.

You’ll get two trad­ing options; one for man­u­al trad­ing and the sec­ond for auto­mat­ic trad­ing. If you want to look after your invest­ment or want to trade all by your­self, then you can do that by man­u­al trad­ing option.

In case you’re too busy to spend so much time trad­ing, you can choose the auto­mat­ic trad­ing option, which would then make AI trade on your behalf. Don’t wor­ry. You will sure­ly ben­e­fit from auto­mat­ic trades as the chances of get­ting a loss are slim to none. Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion claims that it can lever­age as high as 5,000:1 in order to increase your trade size and grow your account.

Even if you have only a few hun­dred dol­lars, lever­age is an effec­tive way to increase your prof­it. There are no licens­ing or account fees asso­ci­at­ed with Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da. Only 2% of your prof­its will be charged as com­mis­sion. It means, you don’t have to pay any­thing to the plat­form unless you make a prof­it. Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion claims that 85% of its trades are closed for prof­it, but this claim can­not be verified.

Open an account with Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion app today!


How Does The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Work?

The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da is built on an AI-based trad­ing algo­rithm. This algo­rithm is based on years of mar­ket data and can rec­og­nize price pat­terns that could lead to a prof­itable trade. Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion’s algo­rithm rec­og­nizes trade sig­nals and issues orders to either buy or sell cryp­tocur­ren­cy. Lever­age is used in these trades, and it can be as high as 5,000:1.

The algo­rithm will issue an order to close your posi­tion when the price tar­get has been reached or the trade is begin­ning to fade. All trade funds, includ­ing prof­its, are returned back to your trad­ing account so they can be used for future trades.

The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da does not require traders to be vig­i­lant. It can run 24/7 and boasts an 85% win rate in most mar­ket con­di­tions. The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion’s suc­cess rate was not ver­i­fied by us. Trad­ing involves risk, and lever­age can increase your trad­ing loss­es. In demo trad­ing mode, you can adjust the algo­rith­m’s set­tings. You can adjust the set­tings to opti­mise the algo­rithm and make it trade more aggres­sive­ly or less aggressively.

Fea­tures Of The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da Trad­ing Platform

The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da trad­ing plat­form is chock full of a lot of amaz­ing fea­tures that a trad­er will fall in love with. The fea­tures are handy and can sure­ly help you a lot in trad­ing. So, let’s talk about them now and learn how we can get the most out of them.

1) Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence Interface:

No trad­ing plat­form is handy unless it’s easy to use. The trad­ing plat­forms we’ve test­ed in the past were too com­pli­cat­ed to use. They were rel­a­tive­ly easy for our experts to use, but a novice trad­er would def­i­nite­ly end up mak­ing the wrong trades. But, thanks to the AI inter­face of Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion which is clean and easy to oper­ate, Any begin­ner can use it and make changes to accord­ing to their choice.

2) Prof­it of 60%

Up to 60% prof­it is claimed to be gen­er­at­ed every day by Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da. There­fore, if you start with $250, you will be able to earn $150. As a result, your prof­its would increase to $240 the next day, and so on. The algo­rithm, accord­ing to Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion, wins 85% of its trades. It can trade 24 hours a day.

Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion’s suc­cess rate and dai­ly returns were not ver­i­fied. As with any oth­er trad­ing plat­form, trad­ing with Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion can be risky. Invest­ing with­out pay­ing atten­tion could result in you los­ing your money.

3) Up To 5,000:1 Leverage

Accord­ing to Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da, it trades cryp­tocur­ren­cy CFD pairs with lever­age as high as 5,000:1. A high lever­age account can increase the size of your trades even if you only have a few hun­dred dol­lars in it.

The down­side of high lever­age is that it can also increase your loss­es if you lose a trade.

4) Trad­ing in 14 Dif­fer­ent Cryptocurrencies

There are 14 dif­fer­ent cryp­tocur­ren­cies you can trade with the Bit­coin rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da, despite its name. The names of these Cryp­tocur­ren­cies are:
















A vari­ety of fiat cur­ren­cies, includ­ing USD, GBP, and EUR, are trad­ed using CFDs. CFDs are also avail­able for alt­coins against Bit­coin. Trad­ing Alt­coins on the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da is pos­si­ble on a vari­ety of markets.

5) Low Trad­ing Commissions

The fee struc­ture of Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion is favourable to traders. A 2% com­mis­sion will be charged on your prof­its. If the plat­form earns mon­ey for you, you will only have to pay a fee.

6) Demo Trad­ing Mode

Prospec­tive traders can open a demo account on a trad­ing plat­form to learn about the plat­form. This way, if you’re a begin­ner, you’d not end up los­ing your mon­ey by mak­ing ama­teur or wrong trades due to a lack of expe­ri­ence. You’d be using your demo account to trade and learn things first. Once you’re ready, you can go into real trad­ing. Sounds interesting?

7) Trad­ing in real-time:

Live trad­ing with Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da soft­ware can be sim­ple if you prac­tice on the demo. Click the “Live” but­ton after choos­ing the risk man­age­ment set­tings. Ensure that you trade at least eight hours a day to max­imise the ben­e­fits of the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion. When would be a good time? Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion rec­om­mends 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. GMT‑5.

8) Ana­lyt­i­cal Enhancement

The Bit­coin rev­o­lu­tion keeps updat­ing its trad­ing sys­tem to ensure that the traders are mak­ing as much prof­it as pos­si­ble. They’re con­stant­ly mak­ing enhance­ments to their plat­form so that the cryp­to mar­ket can be analysed prop­er­ly. How­ev­er, they don’t guar­an­tee that all of your trades will be suc­cess­ful. This is what the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion says about the trad­ing suc­cess rate.

“We boast an extreme­ly pow­er­ful algo­rithm that scans the mar­ket quick­ly and accu­rate­ly. There is no guar­an­tee that all trades will be suc­cess­ful. We spent a lot of time improv­ing the sys­tem’s pre­ci­sion so that you will be able to get reli­able insights.”

9) Cus­tomer Ser­vice at Bit­coin Revolution

The cus­tomer sup­port of Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da is great. They imme­di­ate­ly resolve your issues and answer your queries. The platform’s team will assist you via live chat. How­ev­er, to get the sup­port, you have to sign up on the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion plat­form. If you’re not signed up, then you won’t be able to use the cus­tomer support.

10) Pay­out System

The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion’s pay­out sys­tem intrigued us. It is very easy to under­stand how it works. Accord­ing to our expe­ri­ence, investors will get their prof­it on time.

11) With­draw­al

We are delight­ed to learn that Bit­coin Blue­print has cre­at­ed a sep­a­rate with­draw­al pan­el. Quick with­drawals were a big hit with us. We received a response with­in 24 hours after sub­mit­ting our with­draw­al request.

12) Sys­tem of verification

The plat­form ver­i­fies you by the time you’re cre­at­ing an account with the infor­ma­tion that you’re fill­ing in. That’s how sim­ple its ver­i­fi­ca­tion sys­tem is.

Why Should You Join the Bit­coin Revolution?

One can make more mon­ey if the risk is greater. All mar­kets can ben­e­fit from this rule of thumb. With a trad­ing plat­form such as Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion, the threat to cryp­tocur­ren­cy mar­kets is much low­er. Com­par­a­tive­ly to tra­di­tion­al stock mar­kets, cryp­tocur­ren­cy invest­ments can pro­duce enor­mous profits.

What’s the rea­son? Ai robots that run this plat­form track the stats of the cryp­to mar­ket and make trades accord­ing­ly. The trades are suc­cess­ful 85% of the time, which is a huge per­cent­age. The num­ber of suc­cess­ful man­u­al trades in a sin­gle day is only 1%. There­fore, the chances of suc­cess in the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da are much high­er than they are in man­u­al trad­ing. The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion is worth invest­ing in for these reasons.

The risks of trad­ing exist regard­less of how secure, best, or trust­wor­thy a trad­ing plat­form is. As a result, we rec­om­mend that any­one who wish­es to trade on this plat­form have a basic under­stand­ing of trad­ing and oth­er aspects of the cryp­tocur­ren­cy market.

How Can You Start Trad­ing In The Bit­coin Revolution?

To trade on the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da plat­form, you don’t have to do much. The only thing you have to do is open an account and fund it with a min­i­mum of $250. How do all these things work? Let’s learn.

What Is The Process For Cre­at­ing A Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tions Account And Start­ing To Trade?

To do so, fol­low these steps.

1) Reg­is­ter for the Bit­coin Revolution.

Vis­it the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion web­site to cre­ate an account. Sign up by click­ing ‘Sign up’. Enter your name, email address, and phone num­ber by click­ing “Reg­is­ter Now.”.

Open an account with Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion app today!


2) Make your contribution

Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da requires that you deposit a min­i­mum of $250. There are many deposit options avail­able, includ­ing bank trans­fers, cred­it and deb­it cards, and e‑wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

3) Start Trading!

Now you’re good to go to start trad­ing. If you’re a begin­ner, we high­ly rec­om­mend you start with a demo trad­ing account and improve your skills on it. A demo account will teach you how the bit­coin rev­o­lu­tion works. Once you think you’ve devel­oped your skills, you can come to trade.

Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion: Pros and Cons


●     Auto­mat­ic Trades.

●     Lever­age up to 5,000:1

●     Low Com­mis­sions on your profits.

●     60% prof­it claimed

●     Sup­port 14 cryptocurrencies.



●     A min­i­mum $250 deposit is required which not every­one might have.

●     Doesn’t have any IOS app available.

Is the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da a Scam?

After going through the whole Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da Reviews, you must be aware of the nit­ty-grit­ty of it.  But, one ques­tion that most traders have is whether the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion is a scam or legit­i­mate. The fee struc­ture of Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da is very favourable for traders. There are no account fees and deposit/withdrawal charges.


You only pay what you make. Your ini­tial deposit can be with­drawn at any time if you do not like Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da. Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da demo accounts allow you to test the sys­tem with­out risk­ing any of your own mon­ey. The demo account allows you to see how the algo­rithm per­forms in spe­cif­ic mar­ket con­di­tions and then only make live trades once you are ready. Accord­ing to us, the plat­form is absolute­ly legit­i­mate. But, we don’t ver­i­fy any of the claims that the plat­form claims. Because, in the cryp­to world, any­thing can happen. 


Since you’ve read this arti­cle till here, we’re sure that now you know pret­ty much every­thing about the Bit­coin rev­o­lu­tion. But, still, if you haven’t tried this plat­form before, we rec­om­mend you to start with a demo trad­ing account. This way, you can learn how the plat­form works with­out set­ting your mon­ey at risk.



1) Is the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion legitimate?

Yes, it is 100%  legit­i­mate but ensure you learn about the plat­form prop­er­ly before invest­ing in it.

2) Is the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion worth invest­ing in?

Yes, it is worth invest­ing in because the plat­form is run by AI robots which increase the trad­ing suc­cess rate by 85%.

3) Can any­one tell me if the Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion has been use­ful to them?

This trad­ing plat­form is being used by thou­sands of peo­ple across the globe. Also, it’s said that some celebri­ties have also invest­ed in it but the plat­form has­n’t con­firmed any­thing about it yet.


4) Is Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Legit in Canada?


Yes. The Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion app is legit in Canada.

Final Ver­dict

An auto­mat­ed trad­ing plat­form, Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion, uses robots to make trades. It pro­vides you with 2 types of trad­ing options: man­u­al trad­ing and auto­mat­ic trad­ing. In man­u­al trad­ing, you’ll trade all by your­self, but in auto­mat­ic trad­ing, robots will trade for you. You can go for either option. But, we rec­om­mend you learn about the plat­form well before invest­ing in it. This way, you’ll be able to use it prop­er­ly and the chances of hav­ing any loss will be minimal.

So, this was our Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Reviews. We hope it has cleared up your mind about this trad­ing plat­form. If you have any ques­tions relat­ed to this top­ic, please let us know in the com­ment sec­tion. Open an account with Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion app today!


Dis­claimer: The views and opin­ions expressed in the above arti­cle are inde­pen­dent pro­fes­sion­al judg­ment of the experts and The Tri­bune does not take any respon­si­bil­i­ty, in any man­ner what­so­ev­er, for the accu­ra­cy of their views. Bit­coin Rev­o­lu­tion Cana­da shall sole­ly be liable for the cor­rect­ness, reli­a­bil­i­ty of the con­tent and/or com­pli­ance of applic­a­ble laws. The above is non-edi­to­r­i­al con­tent and The Tri­bune does not vouch, endorse or guar­an­tee any of the above con­tent, nor is it respon­si­ble for them in any man­ner what­so­ev­er. Please take all steps nec­es­sary to ascer­tain that any infor­ma­tion and con­tent pro­vid­ed is cor­rect, updat­ed, and verified.


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