35% of Bitcoin core team is from the U.S. as monthly active developers falls in 2022

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Bit­coin (BTC) invest­ment firm NYDIG’s report revealed that 35.1% of Bitcoin’s core devel­op­er team is resid­ing in the U.S., and the core team grows by 5 to 20 peo­ple every month.

There have been count­less devel­op­ers who active­ly took part in updat­ing, main­tain­ing, and enhanc­ing the Bit­coin net­work since its launch on Jan­u­ary 2009.  NYDIG’s report exam­ines the tech­ni­cal devel­op­ment of this open-source technology.

Size of the developer team

Accord­ing to the report, there are 13,057 unique devel­op­ers who con­tributed to the broad­er Bit­coin ecosys­tem, exclud­ing the ones who work on closed-source solu­tions. Anoth­er 1,140 unique devel­op­ers, on the oth­er hand, have con­tributed to the Bit­coin Core.

The aver­age month­ly num­ber of active unique devel­op­ers for Bit­coin Core varies between 40–60. The same num­ber ranges between 600 to 1000 for the broad­er ecosystem.

Monthly Active Developers
Month­ly Active Developers

The change in both num­bers shows sig­nif­i­cant cor­re­la­tions to Bit­coin price cycles.

Demographics of the developer team

While the iden­ti­ties of most devel­op­ers are unknown, their geo­graph­i­cal data is accessible.

NYDIG indi­vid­u­al­ly exam­ined the loca­tion of each devel­op­er and revealed that a big major­i­ty of them (35.1%) are resid­ing in the U.S.

Top 10 locations of Bitcoin developers
Top 10 loca­tions of Bit­coin developers

Ger­many and the Nether­lands fol­low the U.S. as sec­ond and third, with 13.3% and 8.9%, respec­tive­ly. The U.K. also makes the top-10 list by rank­ing sev­enth with 3.2%.

The report also states that the core devel­op­ers team grows by 5 to 20 peo­ple every month, while the num­ber of devel­op­ers that con­tribute to the broad­er ecosys­tem increas­es at a much faster rate depend­ing on the price movements.

The num­bers also exam­ine the age data of the devel­op­ers to reveal that over half of the con­tri­bu­tions have come from the devel­op­ers who joined since the 2017 bull run.

Early developers team

Satoshi Nakamo­to announced the Bit­coin tech­nol­o­gy on Oct. 31, 2008, by send­ing an email to a mail list called ‘Cryp­tog­ra­phy Mail­ing List’ that con­sist­ed of cryp­tog­ra­phy enthu­si­asts. Bitcoin’s first pub­lic test ver­sion became avail­able on Jan. 8, 2009.

Satoshi mined the Gen­e­sis Block on Jan. 12, 2009, and sent 10 Bit­coins to Com­put­er Sci­en­tist Hal Finney, which became a part of the ear­ly devel­op­er team. In the fol­low­ing years, numer­ous cryp­to enthu­si­asts joined the team, includ­ing Las­z­lo Hanyecz, who bought two piz­zas for 10,000 Bit­coins at the time.

Satoshi was active­ly con­tribut­ing and updat­ing the code until the end of 2010. After he dis­tanced him­self from the project, the Project Leader and GitHub Admin­is­tra­tor roles got dis­trib­uted to a few oth­ers and changed hands every few years.

Bitcoin's Project Leaders and GitHub Administrators
Bitcoin’s Project Lead­ers and GitHub Administrators

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