FTX Exploiter ups the ante with 200K ETH move

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Fol­low­ing on from the move­ment of 50,000 Ethereum (ETH) on Nov. 20, the FTX Exploiter wal­let has moved a total of 195,000 ETH via 13 trans­ac­tions through Nov. 2.

Unlike the ETH out­flow of Nov. 20, the 195,000 ETH has been shift­ed in 13 trans­ac­tions of 15,000 ETH to 13 sep­a­rate new wallets.

Of the 13 new wal­let address­es, the hack­er has left 15,000 ETH in each of the new wal­lets bar one. In the first of the 13 trans­ac­tions, the receiv­ing account has bridged the ETH to renBTC — as seen on Nov. 20th.

Keeping Track

To help keep track of the recent ETH move­ment, we have list­ed the 13 new wal­let address­es below:

  • 1: 0x8059c2B8fF915eC4B615c95e719861f269d68aDa (ETH bridged to BTC)
  • 2: 0x9B10ca213be20b8Bc2a398839Edd1F6406dc9B47
  • 3: 0xA122d2D3D147732e2b5Cce7d43A8c20e99C569F1
  • 4: 0x5ab55afcbFde83e0b3fBeff67Ed0dA73Ba7b629C
  •  5: 0xD53C2e2D17281487023C1e4433F7aC95B88D7277
  • 6: 0x7F3DeBBA84491401bD4fE51C1A1926B049189D57
  • 7: 0x3E957EfC6D1BF1d9141212269cD04855Ad92696e
  • 8: 0x52DA49C343dF2D1880Ec79Df9C89a962afC8691d
  • 9: 0x99072E1422377d808d5599A78Aa7e772B988C0FB
  • 10: 0x44B53564B95530A0bC708900089E685EEF12fA6E
  • 11: 0xd11fD269ac6b602e42AbB6F0F186cD5B27180ffD
  • 12: 0xC0C847B14965df7e7EaA003eA987C6187211d85f
  • 13: 0x11133Bcf0EcbE48e74A4D787Bb047AA5Bc2C5Cab

To keep track of the stolen Bit­coin (BTC), VP of research at The­Block, Lar­ry Cer­mak, has cre­at­ed a list of the 22 wal­lets hold­ing the stolen $7.2 mil­lion in BTC.

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