Grifters rug over 60 ETH from spoof token created after Binance exploit

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Mali­cious play­ers rugged over 60 ETH from a token cre­at­ed imme­di­ate­ly after the Binance smart chain exploits. The token was first spot­ted by Lorem, who alleged that the Binance hack­er cre­at­ed the rugged tokens.

Accord­ing to avail­able infor­ma­tion, the BNBHACKERINU token had the Binance exploiter address set as the lead deploy­er, and its con­tract was susceptible.

Lorem tweet­ed that the token con­tract allowed “the own­er to take the BNBHACKINU tokens out of any holder’s wal­let and trans­fer to any wal­let.” He con­tin­ued that the hack­er mint­ed over 1 quadrillion tokens.

Dexscreen­er data showed that the short-lived token had a trad­ing vol­ume of $82,000.

DEXScreener BNBHackinu
Source: dexscreen­er

Mean­while, on-chain inves­ti­ga­tor ZachXBT stat­ed that the Binance exploiter did not cre­ate the token. Accord­ing to him, the token was cre­at­ed by “some­one spoof­ing to make it look like the exploiter did. Hap­pens after most major exploits.”

Other rugged tokens

Lorem iden­ti­fied anoth­er token, HACKERSHIBA, that was cre­at­ed in a sim­i­lar style to the BNBHACKERINU token.

Dexscreen­er data showed that the grifter prof­it­ed over 50 WETH from the scam tokens. HACKERSHIBA had a trad­ing vol­ume of $108,000.

Hackshiba rug token
Source: dexscreen­er

The third rugged token is the NOTSAFU token which record­ed a trad­ing vol­ume of $295,000. It is unclear how much was rugged from the project.

Source: dexscreen­er
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