NFT Festivals | 5 Top Crypto Projects Making Huge Noise in 2022

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Dis­clo­sure: This is a spon­sored post. Read­ers should con­duct fur­ther research pri­or to tak­ing any actions. Learn more ›

In 2017, Dev­con three was the only fes­ti­val event that was releas­ing NFT tick­ets to gain access to an event. Since then, the entire fes­ti­val NFT econ­o­my has boomed, with many events start­ing to release their tick­ets as NFTs.

The tech­nol­o­gy pro­vid­ed by NFTs helps stream­line the entire process of orga­niz­ing the fes­ti­vals and ensur­ing tick­ets are gen­uine. At the same time, the tech­nol­o­gy also helps to cut out mid­dle­men that have been prey­ing on fes­ti­val lovers for years.

Top brand fes­ti­vals such as Coachel­la have even released NFT tick­ets recent­ly. As a result, it is no sur­prise to see that some cryp­to projects are start­ing to make a huge noise by deliv­er­ing tick­ets for NFT festivals.

Here are the 5 best cryp­to projects mak­ing huge noise in 2022 with NFT festivals.

The Best NFT Festivals Making Huge Noise in 2022

  1. Cocky – An exclu­sive NFT lifestyle club pro­vid­ing hold­ers with world-class music events
  2. The List – An NFT col­lec­tion that pro­vides access to clubs and festivals
  3. After­par­ty – A mem­bers-only club for Art & music festivals
  4. Cir­cus Max­imus – A DAO-based elec­tron­ic fes­ti­val in Croatia
  5. W3BStock – A Web3 music fes­ti­val cre­at­ed by a DAO events pro­duc­tion company

A Closer Look at the 5 Best NFT Festivals Making Huge Noise in 2022

Cocky – An exclusive NFT lifestyle club providing holders with world-class music events

Cocky is an exclu­sive NFT lifestyle club that pro­vides hold­ers access to world-class music events. Cre­at­ed by the Para­sol Group, Cocky has the mis­sion to total­ly change the def­i­n­i­tion of util­i­ty in the NFT space by pro­vid­ing real-world, once-in-a-life­time expe­ri­ences to NFT hold­ers in pres­ti­gious locations.

The team intends to host two in-per­son events year­ly along­side reg­u­lar vir­tu­al events in the form of live streams. All of their events will focus on elec­tron­ic music in uncon­ven­tion­al loca­tions, pro­vid­ing music lovers with an immer­sive, sec­ond-to-none expe­ri­ence that mon­ey can’t buy – but own­er­ship of the NFT can.

The NFT col­lec­tion con­sists of 10,000 Cocky Can NFTs with 51 skin vari­a­tions depict­ing a soda can. Each of the Cocky Cans has a tier-based sys­tem depend­ing on the col­or of the lid – Sil­ver, Gold, or Black, and the dif­fer­ent tiers unlock a range of ben­e­fits that include:

  • Sub­si­dized trans­port to and from each event
  • Accom­mo­da­tion at the event
  • Addi­tion­al invites to bring along guests
  • Bar tabs to enjoy and share with friends.
  • Exclu­sive merchandise

The rarest NFT is the Black Can NFT, which has only one ver­sion being mint­ed. The own­er of this NFT will receive VIP ben­e­fits at all Cocky events for perpetuity.

The team has cre­at­ed a unique fea­ture for their NFTs dubbed Muta­tions. NFT hold­ers earn Muta­tions on their NFTs each time they attend events held by Cocky or par­tic­i­pate in the over­all ecosys­tem. The Muta­tions are pre­sent­ed in the form of a stamp, sim­i­lar to what you would receive in your pass­port when trav­el­ing inter­na­tion­al­ly, which is dis­played on the back­ground of your NFT.

The Muta­tion fea­ture allows hold­ers to write their own sto­ries on their NFTs about their expe­ri­ences in the Cocky ecosys­tem. Over time, this fea­ture will make every NFT unique, and the NFTs with the most Muta­tions will also become high­ly desirable.

The NFTs are expect­ed to be mint­ed on the Ethereum net­work some­time in Q4 2022.

All the Cocky music events will be held in pres­ti­gious loca­tions that pay par­tic­u­lar atten­tion to the land­scape, his­to­ry, and cul­ture each loca­tion plays home to. The sites will be tru­ly breath­tak­ing, and you won’t be stand­ing in a farmer’s field to enjoy your favorite music.

As the events are held in uncon­ven­tion­al loca­tions, the tick­et vol­ume will be lim­it­ed depend­ing on the capac­i­ty of the venue. There­fore, Cocky hold­ers will need to be quick to reg­is­ter their inter­est in attend­ing the event.

If a Cocky Can hold­er receives a tick­et and can­not attend, they will have the option to sell their tick­et on the cus­tom-built sec­ondary mar­ket. In addi­tion, only Cocky NFT hold­ers can pur­chase tick­ets on the sec­ondary mar­ket, adding fur­ther util­i­ty to holders.

Cocky has the vision to build its com­mu­ni­ty by throw­ing big­ger and bet­ter events as time goes on. They have a goal to grow the pop­u­lar­i­ty of their events and even­tu­al­ly will become one of the biggest elec­tron­ic music events orga­niz­ers on the plan­et. Once the ecosys­tem is ful­ly estab­lished, tick­ets will even­tu­al­ly be open for pur­chase by the gen­er­al pub­lic. How­ev­er, the exclu­sive VVVIP ben­e­fits will remain reserved for NFT hold­ers only.

Over­all, Cocky has cre­at­ed a unique lifestyle club that ensures all NFT hold­ers receive util­i­ty from their invest­ments. In addi­tion, their world-class music events are undoubt­ed­ly events that should not be missed if you are a fan of EDM.


The List – An NFT collection that provides access to clubs and festivals

The List is an NFT col­lec­tion that grants hold­ers access to the biggest clubs and fes­ti­vals across the globe. The project was cre­at­ed by Club­bing TV, a TV chan­nel ded­i­cat­ed to dance music, in the hopes of total­ly rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing the club and fes­ti­val scene.

The NFT col­lec­tion con­sists of 7,777 unique wrist­bands that pro­vide the oppor­tu­ni­ty to win life­time access to some of their part­nered clubs and fes­ti­vals, including:

  • Amne­sia Ibiza
  • World Club Dome
  • Super­son­ic
  • We Are Fstvl
  • Ram­page Open Air
  • Caprices Fes­ti­val
  • Barcelona Beach Festival
  • Green Val­ley

Each NFT comes with a unique tagline from the dance music indus­try, and they all have dif­fer­ent col­ors, back­grounds, and cat­e­gories. Of the 7,777 NFTs, 150 will pro­vide life­time access to their part­nered clubs and festivals.

In addi­tion to their part­ners, The List will also hold two elec­tron­ic music fes­ti­vals exclu­sive to NFT hold­ers. One of the fes­ti­vals takes place in Lon­don in Novem­ber 2022, and the oth­er is for Croa­t­ia in August 2023.

Fur­ther­more, the fol­low­ing addi­tion­al ben­e­fits are pro­vid­ed to all NFT holders:

  • 3 months free tri­al of the stream­ing platform
  • NFT insights and reports for trad­ing cours­es and tips
  • Week­ly give­aways, such as signed artist merch, LP-Box sets, and exclu­sive access to new releases
  • Cre­at­ing a pod­cast and TV show with the NFT holder’s input

Last­ly, it’s impor­tant to men­tion that The List will also cre­ate the biggest par­ty meta­verse and allow all NFT hold­ers to be whitelist­ed to pur­chase land sales in the metaverse.

Afterparty – A members-only club for Art & music festivals

After­par­ty is a cre­ator com­mu­ni­ty plat­form that pro­vides artists the tools to deliv­er world-class expe­ri­ences to their fans. It is a mem­ber­ship-based com­mu­ni­ty that pro­vides access to fan­tas­tic music expe­ri­ences and events worldwide.

After­par­ty host­ed the NFT Art and Music Fes­ti­val in Las Vegas this year in March 2022. No tick­ets to the fes­ti­val were avail­able; only the 1,500 After­par­ty Utopi­ans were allowed in. After­par­ty described this fes­ti­val as the world’s first NFT-gat­ed fes­ti­val, and it was a rev­o­lu­tion in the industry. 

Poten­tial fes­ti­val goers must pur­chase one of the After­par­ty Utopi­an NFTs to access any fes­ti­vals or events. These NFTs have dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter types that offer var­i­ous skin col­ors, suits, masks, and glasses. 

All mem­bers received the fol­low­ing ben­e­fits dur­ing the festival:

  • Artist-lev­el access to the After­par­ty NFT Art & Music Fes­ti­val for the next five years
  • Access to the Utopi­an Only area at the festival
  • One free After­par­ty Guardian NFT airdrop
  • Two free After­par­ty Pass­es airdropped
  • Pri­or­i­ty guest list for all upcom­ing After­par­ty and cre­ator NFT drops
  • Access to select­ed events at the After­par­ty house in Los Angeles

The com­pa­ny will con­tin­ue to host fes­ti­vals and events in part­ner­ship with artists, their lat­est being a music con­cert for the Amer­i­can musi­cian Lauv.

The After­par­ty CEO, David Fields, used to work at Dis­ney and Michael Eisner’s Tor­rente Com­pa­ny and brings a great wealth of expe­ri­ence to the project. The exclu­sive club is attract­ing high-pro­file investors such as Paris Hilton and has raised over $7 mil­lion in cap­i­tal fund­ing so far. 

One of the company’s pri­ma­ry mis­sions is to remove spec­u­la­tors and tick­et scalpers’ incen­tive to trade tick­ets on the sec­ondary mar­kets with­out com­pen­sat­ing the event cre­ators. Using NFTs and the blockchain, all tick­ets that are sold on the sec­ondary mar­ket incur a fee that goes direct­ly to the event orga­niz­er or the artist.

Circus Maximus – A DAO-based electronic festival in Croatia

Cir­cus Max­imus is the first-ever DAO elec­tron­ic dance music fes­ti­val based in Croa­t­ia. The com­pa­ny has been host­ing reg­u­lar annu­al fes­ti­vals but shift­ed into the NFT and blockchain space in 2022 to cre­ate the first-ever com­mu­ni­ty-dri­ven fes­ti­val gov­erned by NFT holders.

The plat­form host­ed a music fes­ti­val this year in August 2022 at the world-renowned Noa Beach Club, with head­lin­ers from Steve Aoki, Da Tweekaz, Regard, and Har­ris & Ford.

The team behind Cir­cus Max­imus has the mis­sion to trans­form the fes­ti­val sec­tor by allow­ing par­tic­i­pants to be a part of the story.

The idea is to cre­ate a DAO that con­trols the entire bud­get for the fes­ti­val. Then, com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers can gov­ern the fes­ti­val by cast­ing their vot­ing rights on the com­mu­ni­ty dashboard.

The DAO will have the abil­i­ty to make deci­sions such as:

  • The venue location
  • The per­form­ers at the festival
  • Bud­get distribution
  • The tick­et prices for the festival

The project’s founders, Ivan and Niko­la Jok­ić, have stat­ed that they will con­tin­ue beyond a DAO and cre­ate a glob­al pro­to­col for orga­niz­ing future music festivals.

To gain access to the DAO, par­ty-goers had to pur­chase a tick­et in the form of an NFT. The tick­ets were issued on the xDai blockchain using the ERC-1155 stan­dard, and the team cre­at­ed a dynam­ic pric­ing fea­ture by uti­liz­ing the Bezi­er bond­ing curve.

The entire end goal for the project is to pro­vide the tools for any­body in the world to cre­ate their own music fes­ti­val with their own rules, venues, and DJs. Again, by issu­ing tick­ets in the form of NFTs, Cir­cus Max­imus can cut out tick­et­ing agents, scalpers, and inter­me­di­aries and pre­vent them from prof­it­ing from tick­et touting.

W3bstock – A Web3 music festival created by a DAO events production company


W3bstock is a Web3 music fes­ti­val DAO and hybrid event pro­duc­tion DAO. The entire idea is that the com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers of the DAO will be able to vote on the future direc­tion of all events held by W3bstock.

The project was found­ed by Bri­an Stollery, Ty and Dylan Fleis­chut, and Dar­i­an Mon­giovi to bridge the gap between fes­ti­val goers and orga­niz­ers. They believe the peo­ple who attend the fes­ti­val should have a say in the event schedule.

Users must pur­chase one of the 500 DAO Mem­ber­ship Pass Tokens to join the DAO, which can be mint­ed on their web­site. Each NFT pro­vides own­ers with two-life­time tick­ets to all W3bstock events and vot­ing rights on future events. Essen­tial­ly, all the NFT hold­ers have a share in the music fes­ti­val pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny, and the mem­bers, such as: will decide every aspect of the festival

  • The musi­cians
  • The art installations
  • Food Trucks
  • Venue loca­tion
  • Event Sched­ule

The NFTs can be mint­ed for 0.06 ETH and are mint­ed on either Ethereum or Poly­gon networks.

The entire DAO is cur­rent­ly plan­ning a huge fes­ti­val for Sum­mer 2024, and the com­mu­ni­ty will choose the location.


NFT fes­ti­vals are going to con­tin­ue to grow over the com­ing years.

In our opin­ion, Cocky has the best poten­tial to estab­lish a thriv­ing ecosys­tem over the com­ing months as they host exclu­sive, once-in-a-life­time elec­tron­ic music events in uncon­ven­tion­al loca­tions. More­over, their lifestyle club is gen­uine­ly one of the only projects in the space that can man­age to pro­vide real-world util­i­ty for its holders.


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