Bitcoin ATMs, QR codes used as weapon by scammers: What to know

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Dri­ving back, all Jacque­lyn Halush­ka could think about was how weird it was to be feed­ing five $100 bills into a bit­coin ATM at a liquor store. 

She had nev­er been to the Star Mar­ket on a wind­ing, rur­al part of Joslyn Road in Lake Ori­on where the Cash2Bitcoin ATM stands by the front win­dow, next to the reg­u­lar ATM and some Bud Light Seltzer.

“I nev­er bought bit­coin before,” she said.

All Halush­ka, 27, want­ed was a good pay­ing job. And they told her in ear­ly August that the bit­coin task was part of the process.

After a long job inter­view via a mes­sag­ing app, Halush­ka was told she was hired. She received a con­tract and lat­er a $6,548 check was overnight­ed to her home in Oak­land Town­ship by Fed­er­al Express for her to buy Apple com­put­er prod­ucts to work remote­ly as an admin­is­tra­tive assis­tant for a bio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal company.

She took a pho­to of the check to deposit it through her bank’s mobile app. Her bank only made $500 imme­di­ate­ly available.

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