8 Best Upcoming NFT Projects to Invest in 2022

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Dis­claimer: The Indus­try Talk sec­tion fea­tures insights by cryp­to indus­try play­ers and is not a part of the edi­to­r­i­al con­tent of Cryptonews.com.

When it comes to find­ing new NFT projects that have ample upside poten­tial, the pletho­ra of sub­par col­lec­tions can make the selec­tion process rather trou­ble­some. Luck­i­ly, we’ve done the research and found eight of the best upcom­ing NFT projects. 

Through­out this arti­cle, we’ll be review­ing the top eight new NFT projects, dis­cussing where to find the best upcom­ing NFT projects, and explain­ing exact­ly how to buy new NFTs. Let’s get started. 

The 8 Best New NFT Projects to Invest in Right Now

Find­ing new NFT projects does­n’t have to be dif­fi­cult, we’ve includ­ed a brief overview of each project as well as a more detailed review slight­ly fur­ther down the page. 

  • Tamadoge - Over­all Best New NFT Project to Invest in
  • Bat­tle Infin­i­ty — Play-to-Earn NFT Project with DeFi Elements
  • Lucky Block — Defla­tion­ary NFT Com­pe­ti­tion Plat­form with Huge Prizes
  • Sus­pi­cious Uni­corn Soci­ety —  NFTs Pro­vid­ing Hold­ers Access to Exclu­sive Trad­ing Tools
  • Hedz - New NFT Col­lec­tion from the Cre­ator of Pepe the Frog
  • Multi­beasts - Web3-Focused NFT Col­lec­tion with Full IP Rights
  • Haunt­ed Space — Award-Win­ning Mul­ti­play­er P2E Adven­ture Game
  • R.U.R. World — Excit­ing Col­lec­tion Help­ing Peo­ple Launch NFT Collections

Reviewing the Top Upcoming NFT Launches

In order to paint a more com­plete pic­ture of the best new NFTs, we’ve includ­ed col­lec­tions that span a myr­i­ad of cat­e­gories, ERC-based projects, and even upcom­ing Solana NFT projects. 

1. Tamadoge — Overall Best New NFT Project to Invest in

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new NFT game that was recent­ly released to huge demand. The project takes ele­ments from play-to-earn games, the Meta­verse, and of course, NFTs in order to cre­ate a one-of-a-kind expe­ri­ence for its users. 

It’s clear that there is plen­ty of demand for the con­cept pio­neered by the Tamadoge team as the pro­jec­t’s pre­sale sold out far ahead of sched­ule rais­ing a wild­ly impres­sive $19 mil­lion, becom­ing one best cryp­to pre­sales this year. With this in mind, it’ll be extreme­ly inter­est­ing to see where the price of TAMA heads once the token becomes avail­able to buy and sell on the open market. 

The main attrac­tions to Tamadoge are an expan­sive Meta­verse world that play­ers can explore while inter­act­ing with each oth­er dubbed the Tama­verse and the col­lec­tion of NFT-based Tamadoge pets. Pets can be lev­eled up using items from the in-game store, with the own­er receiv­ing Doge­points for doing so, boost­ing their leader­board rank­ing and their share of the P2E rewards pool. 

In con­trast to the major­i­ty of new NFT games, Tamadoge boasts extreme­ly strong toke­nomics. There is a total of 2 bil­lion TAMA tokens, of those, 50% were reserved for the pre­sale, 30% are locked on a 10-year vest­ing sched­ule to fund the devel­op­ment of the new NFT game, with the remain­ing 20% used to pro­vide liq­uid­i­ty in order to facil­i­tate list­ings on cen­tral­ized exchanges like LBank. 

Com­pli­ment­ing its already strong toke­nomics, TAMA is one of the best cryp­tos to buy in 2022 as well as a defla­tion­ary asset that will help to bol­ster long-term upward price action. A siz­able 5% of rev­enue gen­er­at­ed from in-store trans­ac­tions is burned, which over time, will like­ly become rather sig­nif­i­cant and help boost Tamadoge to become one of the best NFTs to release this year.

All in all, out of the best upcom­ing NFTs, Tamadoge shows the most poten­tial for explo­sive growth. The project has been attract­ing mas­sive amounts of atten­tion, cement­ing itself as per­haps the most hyped upcom­ing NFT game. Check out the project today to learn more and join the Tamadoge Telegram to get updat­ed about one of the best new NFTs before any­one else. 

Vis­it Tamadoge 

2. Battle Infinity — Play-to-Earn NFT Project with DeFi Elements

Bat­tle Infin­i­ty (IBAT) is a col­lec­tion of DeFi fea­tures and P2E games that see play­ers face off against one anoth­er. The project has gen­er­at­ed an immense amount of atten­tion and is one of the most hyped upcom­ing NFT projects at present. 

Investors all around the world are won­der­ing how to buy Bat­tle Infin­i­ty and for good rea­son. This new NFT game fea­tures a mas­sive range of fea­tures. As a result, the Bat­tle Infin­i­ty ecosys­tem is split into six dif­fer­ent plat­forms, each hous­ing a spe­cif­ic feature. 

The Bat­tle Infin­i­ty ecosys­tem com­pris­es an NFT-based fan­ta­sy sports league (launch­ing dur­ing phase 7 of the roadmap), a col­lec­tion of play­er-against-play­er P2E games, an NFT mar­ket­place, a decen­tral­ized exchange (DEX), an immerse meta­verse are­na with high­ly cus­tomiz­able avatars, and even a stak­ing plat­form for play­ers to earn rewards on their cryp­to (releas­ing on the 24th Sep­tem­ber 2022). 

The IBAT token is used to keep the Bat­tle Infin­i­ty ecosys­tem run­ning smooth­ly. It uses the BEP-20 stan­dard (based on the ERC-20 stan­dard), mean­ing that the token can be eas­i­ly imple­ment­ed with­in oth­er projects. Fur­ther­more, as it uses BEP archi­tec­ture, the token sup­ports fast, low-cost trans­ac­tions, per­fect for one of the top upcom­ing NFT games. 

The IBAT token surged by around 400% fol­low­ing its list­ing on Pan­cakeSwap after the con­clu­sion of the pre­sale, mak­ing it one of the year’s most suc­cess­ful and best ICOs As the token fea­tures an adjustable tax, there are now plans in motion for it to get list­ed on cen­tral­ized exchanges (CEXs).

Once IBAT begins releas­es its stak­ing plat­form, a sharp uptick in demand is like­ly. Mean­ing, it could be worth­while check­ing out the IBAT Telegram group and stock­ing up on tokens ahead of time. 

Vis­it Bat­tle Infinity

3. Lucky Block — Deflationary NFT Competition Platform with Huge Prizes

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is the only NFT com­pe­ti­tion plat­form where every­one’s a win­ner and one of the most pop­u­lar new NFT projects cur­rent­ly on the mar­ket. Lucky Block pro­vides users with an easy, effi­cient, and secure way to enter com­pe­ti­tions with prizes rang­ing from World Cup tick­ets to $1 mil­lion in Bitcoin. 

Thanks to its inno­v­a­tive use of NFT tech­nol­o­gy, Lucky Block is able to host a vari­ety of prize draws simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, mean­ing that regard­less of bud­get, there will be some­thing for everyone.

 Each draw­ing is entered by pur­chas­ing an NFT from Launchpad.xyz. Each unique entry tick­et-style NFT is linked to a spe­cif­ic draw­ing but even after it’s com­plet­ed, it grants the hold­er a por­tion of the rewards pool daily.

In addi­tion to the stan­dard com­pe­ti­tions that can be entered by any­one, Lucky Block also hosts Plat­inum Com­pe­ti­tions for hold­ers of the Plat­inum Rollers Club (PRC) NFT col­lec­tion. Each PRC NFT grants the hold­er life­time access to these Plat­inum Com­pe­ti­tions. Each PRC NFT costs just 3.75 BNB and with prizes includ­ing a $300,000 Lam­borgh­i­ni, the col­lec­tion pro­vides long-term value. 

Just pri­or to the start of August, Lucky Block tran­si­tioned from the BEP stan­dard to ERC. This elim­i­nat­ed the tax on trans­ac­tions and paved the way for a stream of CEX list­ings which increased the demand for LBLOCK mas­sive­ly and cement­ed LBLOCK as one of the top 10 new cryp­tocur­ren­cy projects to buy this year.

Now, the Lucky Block team has announced a month­ly 1% token burn begin­ning on Sep­tem­ber 30th as well as the BEP to ERC bridge (Octo­ber 3rd, 2022). Both these events have the poten­tial to send LBLOCK absolute­ly par­a­bol­ic. As such, it’s worth head­ing over to the Lucky Block web­site and check­ing out the project before demand gets sent through the roof.

Vis­it Lucky Block

4. Suspicious Unicorn Society —  NFTs Providing Holders Access to Exclusive Trading Tools

The Sus­pi­cious Uni­corn Soci­ety or ‘SUS’ for short, is a col­lec­tion of 999 unique vox­el-style NFTs tak­ing the form of uni­corns. While the SUS NFT col­lec­tion does fea­ture beau­ti­ful art­work, it’s also packed with utility. 

The col­lec­tion pro­vides users the abil­i­ty to earn dai­ly cryp­to rewards for sim­ply hold­ing their NFT but that’s not all. Any­one hold­ing the SUS col­lec­tion will also be able to mint the upcom­ing Pega­sus col­lec­tion ear­ly and will be grant­ed ear­ly access to Rain­bow Labs — a com­mu­ni­ty trad­ing plat­form that offers expert sup­port, auto­mat­ed trad­ing, and a pletho­ra of customizability.

The Sus­pi­cious Uni­corn col­lec­tion will be avail­able to mint on the 22nd of Sep­tem­ber and with a detailed roadmap of the future as well as a ful­ly doxed team, it’s one of the best upcom­ing NFTs to watch right now. While we’ll have to see how good of a plat­form Rain­bow Labs is once it’s ful­ly released, the project does seem to show a fair amount of promise. 

5. Hedz — New NFT Collection from the Creator of Pepe the Frog

One of the most noto­ri­ous inter­net memes of all time is Pepe the frog. The green car­toon-style char­ac­ter has inspired thou­sands of artists since its release and now its cre­ator, Matt Furie, has released his own NFT col­lec­tion con­sist­ing of 1,000 unique, hand-drawn NFTs. The Hedz col­lec­tion has been a big hit and fig­ures like Chain/Saw and Furie involved, it’s no won­der why.

As both Matt Furie and Chain/Saw are focused pri­mar­i­ly on art, the col­lec­tion does lack some­what in terms of util­i­ty. Despite this, it seems like­ly that hype and pedi­gree could still help send the Hedz col­lec­tion soar­ing after its Sep­tem­ber 21st pub­lic mint. 

With Pepe the frog being essen­tial­ly syn­ony­mous with inter­net cul­ture and the col­lec­tion being lim­it­ed to just 1,000 NFTs, it could be one of the best upcom­ing NFT mints. The vast major­i­ty of new NFT projects are cre­at­ed by peo­ple with­out an estab­lished fan base but with both Chain/Saw and Furie com­mand­ing a good amount of respect, it’ll be inter­est­ing to see how far the col­lec­tion goes. 

6. Multibeasts — Web3-Focused NFT Collection with Full IP Rights

Cre­at­ed by the Haas Broth­ers, the Multi­beasts NFT col­lec­tion com­pris­es 8,888 unique NFTs, each of which is 100% unique. The col­lec­tion is designed with Web3 in mind. As such, Hold­ers of the Multi­beasts col­lec­tion receive intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty (IP) rights for their NFT, open­ing up a huge amount of brand­ing and sales possibilities. 

While many of the best upcom­ing NFTs offer users IP rights, Multi­beasts pro­vides users a way to cus­tomize the NFT that they’ll receive after the upcom­ing NFT mints. The project allows users to take a per­son­al­i­ty test with a user’s NFT mold­ed after their answers, adding anoth­er lay­er of unique­ness in addi­tion to the col­lec­tion’s myr­i­ad of traits. 

The Mut­libeasts col­lec­tion takes an entire­ly new approach to the dis­tri­b­u­tion of NFTs with its per­son­al­i­ty-based art­work. This extra touch of indi­vid­u­al­i­ty could be exact­ly what the col­lec­tion needs in order to become one of the top upcom­ing NFT drops this year. 

7. Haunted Space — Award-Winning Multiplayer P2E Adventure Game

Haunt­ed Space is one of the most pop­u­lar upcom­ing NFT games this year. The project has been cre­at­ed by sea­soned vet­er­an devel­op­ers with expe­ri­ence pro­duc­ing triple‑A titles. This has giv­en many investors hope that Haunt­ed Space could be exact­ly what’s need­ed to help inspire new NFT games to reach for the stars and push the bound­aries of what’s possible. 

In con­trast to the vast major­i­ty of upcom­ing NFT projects focused on P2E gam­ing, Haunt­ed Space aims to release on con­soles as well as desk­top plat­forms, open­ing up a huge audi­ence of con­sole-only gamers, a mar­ket large­ly untouched by cryp­tocur­ren­cy. The ini­tial gen­e­sis pass will con­sist of 5,555 NFTs, each sell­ing for $130 in the pub­lic sale.

Triple‑A gam­ing pedi­gree and expan­sion to con­soles could help push Haunt­ed Space to the fore­front of the mar­ket. The project has already been enjoy­ing pro­mo­tion on Coin­Mar­ket­Cap but we’ll have to wait and see in what capac­i­ty the project will be avail­able on con­soles to get a bet­ter idea of poten­tial demand.

8. R.U.R. World — Exciting Collection Helping People Launch NFT Collections

Out of all the upcom­ing Solana NFT projects, R.U.R World is per­haps the most excit­ing. The col­lec­tion has a tiny sup­ply of just 99 NFTs with an addi­tion­al 99 reserved to be air­dropped to hold­ers. With per­haps the low­est sup­ply among upcom­ing Solana NFT projects, even a tiny bit of demand could cause R.U.R World to go parabolic. 

One of the largest ben­e­fits of the col­lec­tion is its focus on help­ing hold­ers launch their own NFT col­lec­tions. Any­one with a R.U.R NFT can get free assis­tance from the team to help cre­ate and launch their col­lec­tion, with only 15% of roy­al­ties gen­er­at­ed need­ing to go towards the R.U.R com­mu­ni­ty wallet. 

While the R.U.R World col­lec­tion has a tiny sup­ply, it’s one of the most inter­est­ing upcom­ing Solana NFT projects on the mar­ket. With it hav­ing a clear focus on com­mu­ni­ty, it’ll be inter­est­ing to see how the col­lec­tion pro­gress­es after it hits the open market. 

Are New NFTs a Good Investment?

When it comes to invest­ing in the NFT mar­ket, often­times it’s the new NFT projects that offer the most upside poten­tial. While pop­u­lar col­lec­tions can make for low­er-risk invest­ments, they’ll typ­i­cal­ly offer less room for growth as demand has already been most­ly priced in. 

Some investors have made huge sums from sim­ply buy­ing and sell­ing NFTs. While this won’t be the case for every­one, the NFT mar­ket is one that should­n’t be ignored. Despite only ris­ing to noto­ri­ety over the past few years, the glob­al NFT mar­ket is worth an esti­mat­ed $40 billion. 

There are even some col­lec­tions (the Bored Ape Yacht Club, for exam­ple) now sell­ing for tens of thou­sands of dol­lars despite orig­i­nal­ly mint­ing for free. While not every NFT will make for a good invest­ment, tak­ing the time to do the prop­er due dili­gence can yield amaz­ing results. 

How to Find New NFT Projects

Although it’s true that upcom­ing NFT drops and upcom­ing NFT mints can offer investors ample returns, not every project is worth invest­ing in. As such, we’ll be shar­ing a few dif­fer­ent tech­niques an investor can use to find new NFT projects and a few more that can be used to deter­mine which are worth invest­ing in. 

Social Media

One of the most valu­able tools when it comes to find­ing new NFT projects is social media. There are a few rea­sons for this. First­ly. almost every NFT project will need social media for pro­mo­tion, it helps to put the brand in front of like-mind­ed peo­ple and gen­er­ate hype. As such, search­ing rel­e­vant terms or tags (e.g. #NFTs) can be a great way to find upcom­ing NFT drops. 

Sec­ond­ly, in con­trast to a pro­jec­t’s web­site which can be eas­i­ly manip­u­lat­ed, social media accounts show user inter­ac­tion, mak­ing it far eas­i­er to see which projects are res­onat­ing the most with investors. 

NFT Launchpads 

Anoth­er great tech­nique for find­ing the best upcom­ing NFTs is brows­ing through launch­pads to find inter­est­ing projects. Many new NFTs begin life on a launch­pad. This puts the col­lec­tion in front of a very tar­get­ed audi­ence. Addi­tion­al­ly, as most launch­pads offer some type of escrow ser­vice, they have the added ben­e­fit of reas­sur­ing investors that the project won’t sim­ply dis­ap­pear with their funds.

Established Projects

It makes sense that if a cer­tain NFT col­lec­tion enjoys great suc­cess, its team would want to con­tin­ue cre­at­ing new col­lec­tions and expand­ing the ecosys­tem. There­fore, despite seem­ing coun­ter­pro­duc­tive, keep­ing tabs on already estab­lished projects can be a great way to find new NFT projects that are primed to explode. 

Fur­ther­more, in order to reward loy­al fans and ear­ly sup­port­ers, a lot of col­lec­tions will offer ear­ly access or dis­counts to peo­ple that hold anoth­er NFT from the same ecosys­tem. A per­fect exam­ple of this is the Bored Ape Yacht Club which reward­ed hold­ers time and time again, air­drop­ping APE tokens as well Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs to holders. 


Out­side of hype, one of the largest dri­ving forces behind the val­ue of a spe­cif­ic NFT is intrin­sic val­ue or util­i­ty. While any col­lec­tion can sky­rock­et as a result of excel­lent mar­ket­ing, it’s those that serve a real pur­pose that will stand the test of time and sur­vive mar­ket down­turns. As such, it’s worth tak­ing the time to under­stand a pro­jec­t’s goals and use cas­es before investing. 

Attainable Goals

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, just about any­one is able to state they will rev­o­lu­tion­ize a cer­tain sec­tor or solve a pre­vi­ous­ly unsolv­able issue. How­ev­er, we new NFTs are actu­al­ly able to live up to their promis­es. As such, look­ing for col­lec­tions with attain­able goals and a clear roadmap will typ­i­cal­ly yield less risk and bet­ter results com­pared to invest­ing in those with lofty ambi­tions and no real way to achieve them. 

Doxed Team

While not a guar­an­tee of legit­i­ma­cy or growth, if an NFT col­lec­tion’s team is will­ing to put their names to a project, it does show that they have faith in the project. There­fore, look­ing for col­lec­tions that boast a ful­ly-doxed team can help to fil­ter out those sim­ply cre­at­ed as a quick cash grab. With that said, it’s bet­ter to use this tech­nique in con­junc­tion with oth­ers for the best results. 


One of the most impor­tant fac­tors to look out for when try­ing to find upcom­ing NFT projects to invest in is trans­paren­cy. All too often a project will hide behind com­plex fan­cy ter­mi­nol­o­gy that has lit­tle mean­ing in real­i­ty. Rather than wast­ing time with these projects, it’s bet­ter to look for those that clear­ly explain their goals, dis­cuss how they will be achieved, and share progress with their fans. 


Through­out this guide, we’ve tak­en a look at eight of the top new NFT projects, dis­cussed whether NFTs make for good invest­ments, and explained a few ways to find new NFTs and fil­ter out the very best col­lec­tions. How­ev­er, through­out our research, we noticed one col­lec­tion that in par­tic­u­lar that showed mas­sive potential. 

Tamadoge is a meme coin and P2E game that uti­lizes NFT tech­nol­o­gy to tok­enize in-game assets, allow­ing them to be bought, sold, and trad­ed effort­less­ly. The project has man­aged to sell out its $19 mil­lion pre­sale weeks ahead of sched­ule and with an exchange list­ing already con­firmed for the TAMA token and mint­ing expect­ed in Q4 2022, there’s no bet­ter time to get involved. 

Vis­it Tamadoge


What are the best upcom­ing NFT projects?

While each of the new NFT projects we’ve tak­en a look at has plen­ty to offer, there are a few that shine above the rest. Both Lucky Block and Bat­tle Infin­i­ty have already proven them­selves in the mar­ket but Tamadoge seems well pre­pared to explode upon its full release. Check out our Tamadoge price pre­dic­tion to find out just how high it could go. 

How do I find new NFT projects?

There is a mul­ti­tude of tech­niques that can be employed to find new projects. Some of the best strate­gies involve search­ing through social media and NFT launch­pads in order to find trend­ing upcom­ing col­lec­tions. How­ev­er, it’s still impor­tant to per­form ample due dili­gence pri­or to invest­ing. 

Should I invest in new NFTs?

It’s always up to the indi­vid­ual investor to decide whether invest­ing in new NFTs is right for them. How­ev­er, doing so can yield impres­sive returns as long as the prop­er research is con­duct­ed so it’s at least worth con­sid­er­ing. 

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