Helium community votes to migrate to Solana, scores new T‑Mobile partnership

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An over­whelm­ing major­i­ty of Helium’s (HNT) com­mu­ni­ty has vot­ed to migrate the wire­less net­work to layer1 blockchain Solana (SOL).

Accord­ing to avail­able infor­ma­tion, the HIP 70 pro­pos­al received 6,177 votes (81.41%) in sup­port of its plan, while 1,270 were against it.

The vote end­ed in the ear­ly hours of Sept. 22, and rough­ly 15 mil­lion HNT tokens were staked dur­ing the vot­ing process.

Heli­um devel­op­ers said the Solana migra­tion would help scale the net­work and boost its adop­tion instead of expend­ing resources on man­ag­ing their blockchain.

With the pro­pos­al passed, Heli­um tokens — HNT, IOT, and MOBILE—  would be issued on the Solana blockchain. The net­work will also update its wal­let, and users can use Solana-based wal­lets for their HNT tokens.

Mean­while, despite the planned migra­tion to Solana, the devel­op­ers have said Helium’s blockchain his­to­ry will remain public.

Reports had revealed that the pro­posed migra­tion had divid­ed Helium’s com­mu­ni­ty as some mem­bers request­ed that the net­work includes oth­er blockchain net­works in the proposal.

Helium scores new partnership

Heli­um devel­op­ers Nova Labs announced a new five-year part­ner­ship with T‑Mobile to cre­ate a new 5G wire­less ser­vice called Heli­um Mobile on Sept. 21.

Reports revealed that  Heli­um Mobile would be tar­get­ed at dead 5G spots in the Unit­ed States for wire­less net­work users.

Accord­ing to the devel­op­ers, net­work sub­scribers could also earn cryp­to rewards.

The project would be launched in the first quar­ter of 2023, and sub­scrip­tion plans would start at $5 per month.

The Nova Labs team said the new Heli­um Mobile net­work could be described as a mobile vir­tu­al net­work oper­a­tor (MVNO) or cryp­to carrier.

Nova Labs CEO Amir Haleem said:

“Our new agree­ment with T‑Mobile gives our sub­scribers nation­wide 5G cov­er­age and enables us to offer mobile prod­ucts and ser­vices that use both networks.”

Helium price spikes

Helium’s HNT has seen its price spike by 2% with­in 24 hours to $4.72. Its val­ue has grown by rough­ly 12% over the last sev­en days

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