Cardano’s Big Day Arrives, Whales Grab ADA in Last-Minute Rush

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Car­dano’s big day arrives as the long-await­ed Vasil hard fork is sched­uled to be imple­ment­ed today. Whales are also tak­ing notice as they are seen accu­mu­lat­ing ADA in a last-minute rush. Accord­ing to WhaleStats data, ADA is back among the top 10 pur­chased assets for the top 100 BSC whales, hours after the Vasil upgrade.

Accord­ing to Car­olin Tal­ing, husky pool founder, “Today, Sep­tem­ber 22 marks a his­toric moment for Car­dano ADA with the Vasil upgrade hap­pen­ing at 21:44 UTC.”

Top cryp­to exchange Binance has indi­cat­ed sup­port for the Vasil hard fork, which will take place in two phas­es, at epoch 365 and epoch 366, respectively.

Accord­ing to an update, the Vasil net­work upgrade will take place at epoch 365, or on approx­i­mate­ly Sept. 22 at 9:45 p.m. (UTC). It states that deposits and with­drawals of ADA will be sus­pend­ed an hour ear­li­er this time.


The Plu­tus V2 Cost Mod­el net­work upgrade will take place at epoch 366, or on approx­i­mate­ly Sept. 27 at 9:45 p.m. (UTC). In this case, deposits and with­drawals of ADA will be sus­pend­ed start­ing from approx­i­mate­ly Sept. 27 at 8:45 p.m. (UTC).

Binance says it will reopen deposits and with­drawals for ADA once it deems the upgrad­ed net­work to be sta­ble. Mean­while, the trad­ing of ADA will not be affect­ed dur­ing the net­work upgrade and hard fork.

Happy Vasil day

Vasil will intro­duce a new ver­sion of Plu­tus, Car­dano’s native smart con­tract lan­guage. The IOG team and Car­dano Foun­da­tion have been prepar­ing for the upgrade for months while work­ing around the clock to deliv­er what many in the cryp­tocur­ren­cy indus­try antic­i­pate will be the begin­ning of a new era for the five-year-old platform.

After Vasil has been oper­a­tional for a few days, Plu­tus V2 is antic­i­pat­ed to go live the fol­low­ing week. Due to the intri­cate mod­i­fi­ca­tions made to Car­dano’s ledger, script­ing con­tracts will now be able to employ inputs and unspent trans­ac­tion out­put (UTXO), which will reduce the size of trans­ac­tions that pre­vi­ous­ly caused latency.

Sim­ply put, the com­plex upgrade is all about improv­ing secu­ri­ty and audit, accord­ing to Car­dano tech­ni­cal direc­tor Matthias Benko­rt.

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