Unit Masters Announces that Gitcoin Grant Donations are Open

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Unit Mas­ters is call­ing upon the com­mu­ni­ty to help by donat­ing mon­ey to fur­ther fund our Masters’s degree which is being man­aged as a glob­al pub­lic good. 

Unit Mas­ters, the lead­ing 6‑week online blockchain fun­da­men­tals teach­ing pro­gram has for the past two years built a respectable net­work of expert speak­ers, amaz­ing stu­dents, part­ners, and collaborators. 

Unit Mas­ters has in the past 2 years edu­cat­ed more than 10.000 stu­dents on blockchain fun­da­men­tals entire­ly free of cost for any­one inter­est­ed to learn about blockchain tech­nol­o­gy and cryp­tocur­ren­cies, being able to fol­low on what­ev­er device they could afford as long as they had an inter­net connection. 

Our par­tic­i­pants are from all over the globe and 50% of our par­tic­i­pants are female while 54% come from emerg­ing economies. 

Recent­ly, we had our Git­coin grant approved and this time we are call­ing upon our com­mu­ni­ty to help by donat­ing mon­ey to fur­ther fund our Masters’s degree which is being man­aged as a glob­al pub­lic good. By donat­ing mon­ey, you become part of the Unit Master’s jour­ney and help mil­lions of peo­ple to be edu­cat­ed on the fun­da­men­tals of blockchain by donat­ing what you can. Your dona­tion will help onboard the next 10.000.000 peo­ple to the blockchain ecosys­tem by the end of 2025!

Your dona­tion will help us real­ize our ambi­tious and bright future plans, mile­stones, and com­mit­ments in terms of deliv­er­ing qual­i­ty edu­ca­tion to mil­lions of peo­ple by the end of 2025. Specif­i­cal­ly, you would help us:

  • To Con­tin­ue launch­ing Unit Mas­ters 6 Weeks cer­ti­fied and free blockchain pro­gram cohorts 12 (Sep­tem­ber) and cohort 13 (Novem­ber) in 2022, train­ing more than 100k stu­dents across the globe as well as sub­se­quent cohorts.
  • To Main­tain gen­der par­i­ty in our cohorts (already at 50/50).
  • To Launch the first real-life Unit Com­mu­ni­ty Retreat (Novem­ber) in 2022 to devel­op the ecosys­tem from stu­dents into com­mu­ni­ty contributors.
  • To Trans­late the exist­ing Eng­lish Cur­ricu­lum into Span­ish, Ger­man & French to reach local com­mu­ni­ties in LatAm, Ger­man-speak­ing regions, and French-speak­ing Africa.
  • To edu­cate 1.000.000 peo­ple by the end of 2023. 
  • To edu­cate 10.000.000 peo­ple By the end of 2025.
  • 6 – 8 lan­guage expan­sion of the Mas­ters to reach and edu­cate more peo­ple in their native language.

For our part, every sin­gle dol­lar donat­ed will be used with extreme care and dili­gence to max­i­mize the improve­ment of our master’s pro­gram and the learn­ing expe­ri­ence of our future stu­dents as well as reach out to new stu­dents and raise aware­ness of our brand in order to edu­cate more peo­ple at scale. You can donate by:

  • Click­ing here
  • Adding the grant in your cart
  • Scrolling up to the cart and to checkout
  • Choos­ing your cur­ren­cy and the amount you want to donate
  • Con­nect­ing your ethereum wal­let, ZK Rollup or Poly­gon Wal­let and sign­ing the transaction


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