Seedify Reveals its Steampunk-Themed PFP Avatar Collection

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[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

Seed­i­fy is one of the cryp­to industry’s lead­ing notable launch­pads and incu­ba­tors. They empow­er inno­va­tors and project devel­op­ers through access to fund­ing, com­mu­ni­ty and part­ner­ship build­ing, and a com­plete sup­port sys­tem to help bring pre­mier blockchain games, NFTs (Non-Fun­gi­ble Tokens), and meta­vers­es to its com­mu­ni­ty through events called IGOs (Ini­tial Gam­ing offer­ing) and INOs (Ini­tial NFTs offering).

Last month Seed­i­fy suc­cess­ful­ly launched its native NFT token, $SNFTS, via an air­drop which reached almost 60x (at its all-time high). Over 1000+ hold­ers have cho­sen to farm or stake their $SNFTS, earn­ing pas­sive income. Fur­ther­more, most of them have cho­sen the 180 days stak­ing pool show­ing con­fi­dence in the long-term per­for­mance of the token.

In addi­tion, they are now bridg­ing the Meta­verse with the recent reveal of its own Pro­file Pic­ture (PFP) Steam­punked-themed Avatar NFT Collection.



The unique set of 2D col­lec­table NFTs will be lim­it­ed to 10 000 items, with var­i­ous looks, traits, and wear­ables. In time, the col­lec­tion will be inter­op­er­a­ble between meta­vers­es and evolve to 3D game-ready avatars. Their visu­al attrib­ut­es incor­po­rate intri­cate details inspired by the vin­tage steam­punk look.

Char­ac­ters include Mer­chants, Steam Engi­neers, Alchemists, Tin­ker­ers, Black­smiths and Crafters, to name but a few.

The Narrative:

The AVATARS are peo­ple who have mas­tered using gad­getry, met­al, steam pow­er and pieced-togeth­er machines in their every­day lives. Their love for machines, alche­my, mag­ic, and dreams of time trav­el unit­ed their pur­pose and broad­ened their vision and aspirations.

Enlight­ened from their inner being, every­thing they touched turned to gold, and time had no bound­aries as they explored the past, present and future.

Nations gath­ered from every race and creed; this gave rise to a new empire built on imag­i­na­tion, dune, sand, and clay.

But among them, some infused them­selves with a mys­ti­cal resource called Amé.

There were only 1000 of them in the begin­ning, and they were dis­tinct from the rest as their resem­blance became blue and their pow­ers became unmatched.

The rest under­went the infu­sion process, patient­ly await­ing their trans­for­ma­tions. These trans­for­ma­tions would solid­i­fy their place in the meta­verse and equip them for future adventures.

The AVATAR utilities:

What makes the col­lec­tion so dis­tinc­tive is the stak­ing sys­tem for the NFTs called “Race Trans­fu­sions” and “Amé Infu­sions” these will essen­tial­ly alter the AVATARS meta­da­ta and traits and will for­ev­er upgrade their look, mak­ing the AVATAR more valu­able and rare.

In addi­tion, these sys­tems won’t gen­er­ate addi­tion­al NFTs to ensure that the col­lec­tion is not dilut­ed and its val­ue is secured.

The col­lec­tion will also include future drops with spe­cial util­i­ties embed­ded in the stak­ing sys­tems bring­ing even more val­ue to those own­ing a piece of the collection.

How to get access to Seedify’s Avatar NFT Collection:

There are three ways to have a chance at own­ing one of the 10,000 NFT avatars:

1: Stak­ing and Farm­ing:
Stake 500k $SNFTS or farm 250k $SNFTS with the $SFUND pair to gen­er­ate 1 Avatar raf­fle tick­et each month.
Seed­i­fy will take two snap­shots, one on the 26th Sep­tem­ber and anoth­er in Octo­ber. Hold­ers will be able to win a max­i­mum of 1 Seed­i­fy Avatar per wal­let dur­ing these snap­shots phas­es (Whitelist total: 4500 Avatars)

2. Seed­i­fy NFT Launch­pad:
Both $SFUND and $SNFTS hold­ers will be able to win x1 Seed­i­fy Avatar per wal­let dur­ing the launch­pad phase (Whitelist total: 3000 Avatars).

3. The Admis­sion list:
This will be spe­cif­ic to thought lead­ers and part­ners who will pro­vide val­ue to the efforts of the Meta­verse Seed­i­fy is build­ing (Whitelist total: 1500 Avatars).

Seed­i­fy will con­tin­ue to reveal more sto­ry parts with­in the col­lec­tion, with new con­cepts and excit­ing util­i­ties to enhance the val­ue of their tokens to their communities.

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