Major Coffee And Scotch Brands Launch NFT Initiatives — Fin Tech

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This week a major Amer­i­can multi­na­tion­al chain of coffeehouses 
and roast­ers announced its plans to offer a non-fun­gi­ble token 
(NFT)-based loy­al­ty pro­gram. Accord­ing to a press release, the 
com­pa­ny’s pro­gram will allow cus­tomers to buy and earn 
col­lectible NFT stamps that will offer access to ben­e­fits and 
immer­sive, cof­fee-relat­ed expe­ri­ences. Among oth­er things, the 
press release also notes that the pro­gram “will uti­lize a 
‘proof-of-stake’ blockchain tech­nol­o­gy built by Polygon, 
which uses less ener­gy than first generation 
‘proof-of-work’ blockchains.” Cus­tomers of the coffee 
chain can join a wait­list now to gain access to the loyalty 
pro­gram, which will report­ed­ly launch lat­er this year.

In oth­er NFT news, a famous scotch whisky com­pa­ny announced it 
would part­ner with the world’s first direct-to-con­sumer NFT 
mar­ket­place for wine and spir­its to release a lim­it­ed set of 
dig­i­tal NFT bot­tles. A lim­it­ed-edi­tion phys­i­cal bot­tle will be 
avail­able to buy­ers who “burn” – effec­tive­ly remove 
the NFT from the blockchain – their NFT. Accord­ing to 
reports, this will be the com­pa­ny’s third Web3 cam­paign of the 

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