FrontFanz: Polygon Web3 subscription platform ready to list their token

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The new cen­sor­less Poly­gon Web3 sub­scrip­tion con­tent plat­form, Front­Fanz, has had an ambi­tious roadmap ahead of them from the start. Ever since they came out from the shad­ows, FrontFanz’s pop­u­lar­i­ty has been steadi­ly growing. 

Not only that, but Front­Fanz has also launched suc­cess­ful sales that end­ed up being one tri­umph after the oth­er. The most recent sale was a pub­lic IEO sale that lat­est for 20 days and hit sold-outs every day. And now, to fur­ther expand the acqui­si­tion of Front­Fanz native token FANZ, the plat­form will list its token on ExMar­kets on the 15th of August.

About Front­Fanz

Front­Fanz is a Web3 sub­scrip­tion con­tent plat­form that encour­ages con­tent cre­ators to express them­selves freely with­out any fear of one-sided cen­sor­ship. One of the main goals for Front­Fanz was to become inde­pen­dent from third par­ties and their involve­ment in the pay­ment process – that’s why the plat­form was built on the Poly­gon blockchain. 

This decen­tral­ized blockchain is well-known for act­ing as the sec­ond lay­er of Ethereum-based blockchains. It’s kind of like a mid­dle­man that helps Ethereum han­dle new projects by offer­ing ded­i­cat­ed tools to increase speed and reduce trans­ac­tion fees to a minimum. 

No more cen­sor­ship, delayed pay­ments, unfair charge­backs, or even denied pay­ments due to third-par­ty involve­ment. FrontFanz’s founders, Rosey Sin and Stacey Car­laa, two inspir­ing women with decades of indus­try expe­ri­ence, made sure that their plat­form pro­vides a safe and effi­cient space for cre­ators to grow. 

About ExMar­kets

ExMar­kets is a next-gen­er­a­tion cryp­to crowd­fund­ing plat­form that focus­es on deliv­er­ing the tools need­ed for cryp­to projects to achieve suc­cess. It’s the world’s #1 cryp­to crowd­fund­ing plat­form that har­ness­es the pow­er of the com­mu­ni­ty to deliv­er cap­i­tal solu­tions to promis­ing cryp­to initiatives. 

ExMar­kets offers a wide range of ser­vices offered, includ­ing an IEO launch­pad, token list­ing, and mar­ket-mak­ing ser­vices, stak­ing, ambas­sador­ships and part­ner­ships with lead­ing fig­ures in the indus­try, and open stak­ing pools.

Front­Fanz Native Token FANZ

Front­Fanz has a defla­tion­ary token, FANZ, which is list­ed on the Poly­gon blockchain. The FANZ token has many util­i­ties, such as: 

  • Vot­ing Power
  • In-Plat­form Purchases
  • Stak­ing
  • Plat­form-Wide Discounts
  • Access to Front­Fanz MarketPlace

Nodes also mean pas­sive income. The more FANZ tokens are staked, the more rewards users will receive. Here’s what the trans­ac­tion­al fee break­down looks like: 

20% burnt;

30% Front­Fanz;

50% to user val­i­dat­ing transactions. 

FANZ on ExMar­kets – What to Expect?

ExMar­kets helps var­i­ous projects to kick-start and kick off to new heights. As it har­ness­es the pow­er of the com­mu­ni­ty, ExMar­kets offers a wide range of solu­tions for scal­ing one’s projects. By list­ing FANZ on ExMar­kets, Front­Fanz will make it eas­i­er for every­one to access its token. This will also pave the way for many oth­er ben­e­fits, such as the abil­i­ty to trade any­time, as well as buy and sell freely and with all control. 

The FANZ token will be list­ed on the 15th of August. It’s an excit­ing devel­op­ment that will sure­ly aid Front­Fanz in reach­ing new audi­ences and grow­ing as a con­tent sub­scrip­tion plat­form that tru­ly caters to all con­tent cre­ators. Be sure to check Front­Fanz han­dles for more news!

Dis­claimer: This is a paid post and should not be treat­ed as news/advice.

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