jenny holzer creates evocative NFT in response to roe v. wade overturn

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Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, jenny holzer responds 


On June 24, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court offi­cial­ly over­turned Roe v. Wade, shock­ing those who sup­port the auton­o­my of uterus-bear­ing indi­vid­u­als in mak­ing their own health deci­sions. The rul­ing will put an end to fed­er­al abor­tion rights, allow­ing state leg­is­la­tures to decide whether the oper­a­tion is still legal. As a result, it is antic­i­pat­ed that about half of all states will ban or severe­ly restrict access to abortion.


With the need for repro­duc­tive resources increas­ing as a result of the ver­dict, artist Jen­ny Holz­er has cre­at­ed a scathing NFT (non-fun­gi­ble token) to raise mon­ey for impor­tant organizations. jenny holzer creates evocative NFT in response to roe v. wade overturn

image cour­tesy of Foun­da­tion





The image used in the dig­i­tal art­work is a screen grab from Amer­i­can talk show and cur­rent affairs pro­gram Tuck­er Carl­son Tonight, show­ing the con­ser­v­a­tive crit­ic ques­tion­ing a guest, while the chy­ron spells out: ‘MAKING AN INFORMED CHOICE REGARDING YOUR OWN BODY SHOULDN’T BE CONTROVERSIAL.’ Although the head­ing was meant to be read as an anti-vac­cine remark, the words could also be a pro-choice statement.


Twit­ter user and ACLU staffer Gillian Branstet­ter saw a resem­blance between the chy­ron text and Jen­ny Holzer’s Tru­isms series, which is known for its con­cise phras­ing and sar­cas­tic jux­ta­po­si­tion. Orig­i­nal­ly pre­sent­ed on the streets of New York in 1977, Holzer’s Tru­isms nowa­days emerge as inde­pen­dent dec­la­ra­tions, occa­sion­al­ly depict­ed in neon, on bill­boards, or in a vari­ety of mer­chan­dis­ing for­mats. The phras­es ‘ABUSE OF POWER COMES AS NO SURPRISE’ and, per­haps most apt­ly, ‘LISTEN WHEN YOUR BODY TALKS’ can be found among them. 


From Twitter’s mouth to Jen­ny Holz­er Studio’s ears, a screen cap­ture of Branstetter’s pop­u­lar tweet is now being offered as an NFT in an effort to col­lect mon­ey for Planned Par­ent­hood, the Cen­ter for Repro­duc­tive Rights, and PAI.


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jun 27, 2022

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